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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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We need to have a legit conversation about self care.  Self care is thrown around all the time on social media these days in the form of #SelfCareSunday with a view of your friends feet sticking out of her bathtub, or from your bestie telling you she's going off the grid for 2 days to re-energize.  The thing is, self care is SO IMPORTANT and everyone needs to prioritize it.  I'm not quite sure whether it's our easy access to technology or even our crazy work and life schedules, but too many of us neglect self care.  

Self care is basically when you take the time or energy to focus on YOURSELF and do things for YOURSELF that will leave you happier, energized, and a better person over all.   

Am I talking to you? I don't know...are you stressed out and constantly on edge?  Are you sleep-deprived but you keep pushing yourself harder?  Are you suffering health issues that you keep neglecting to take care of?  Then, yea, I guess I am talking to you!   
No matter who you are or what your life is like, here is what you need to do to prioritize self care. 

Learn To Say No

First of all, saying no is empowering, because you're making a choice for yourself regardless of the outcome.  Too many of us get suckered into attending a friends' party, taking an extra shift at work, or agreeing to help a friend with a task around the house.  If saying yes to something cuts into your time and it feels draining to you, just start saying no!   And don't feel entitled to make up an excuse either.   If someone asks you if you are free next weekend, simply say that no, you are not.   You do not have to click GOING on every Facebook invite you receive.  You do not need to help all of your friends with their life problems at a moment's notice when you have issues of your own to deal with.  You do not have to agree to do anything that is going to drain you or take up your valuable time.  Time is a precious resource these days, especially because most families have 2 working parents, a busy home life, and after school activities.  Many people work a full time job and have a side gig just to make ends meet, so when we all do get a day or two with NOTHING to do.... why do we always feel so entitled to give that up? 

Learn to Enjoy Being Alone
Now, I don't mean being single or anything, but you should enjoy that too...what I mean is that you don't have to be with another person 24/7.  There are some people that the second they are at home by themselves they feel they need to do something with other people.   It's like they can't be by themselves or they get so bored immediately.   It's so important that you learn to be by yourself and enjoy it, and learn to entertain yourself.   Taking time to be alone also helps make life slow down because you're not rushing off to the next friend after your current friend leaves your house.  If you have kids, teach them to be alone.  Let them play with their toys and use their imagination without always having a friend present.  As a kid, I loved being alone because I could do my own thing and no one could affect it.  If I wanted to play my Barbies a certain way, I could! As an adult, when I have alone time I either lay there and enjoy peace and quiet, or I think of the tedious little things I can finally tackle on my to do list like dusting the house or gluing an earrings back together. 

Pamper Yourself....Without Guilt
For some odd reason, we seem to feel guilty when we pamper ourselves.  Whether it's the expense, the time "wasted", or that we are making yourself unavailable to others for a certain amount of time, it needs to stop.  Pampering yourself can be done by getting a massage, getting a mani/pedi, taking a day to do something you love, attending a concert, buying a new outfit, taking a nap, or any other way that makes you feel good inside.  For me, my hair cut and color every 3 months is a way I pamper myself, so I allow for it in my budget and always prioritize my appointment.  Pampering yourself is a great form of a self care because you're doing something that makes you feel good and often times it's catering to your physical, mental, or emotional health. 

Take Care of Yourself Physically
It's important to take care of yourself as a living and breathing human being.  Stay active when you can.  You don't need to necessarily do a formal workout, but take time to stress, to take an evening walk, and stop letting yourself be too lazy to walk across the room to pick up the remote.   Make sure you eat right.  Choose a breakfast of fresh fruits, a lunch of salad and vegetables, and a hearty dinner made from whole ingredients.  Everyone likes to say that healthy food is expensive, but isn't Diabetes treatment and maintenance more expensive?   Get enough sleep so that your body can be strong the next day and you can think clearly.   And overall, be smart with everything you do - wear your seat belt, pay attention when crossing the street in a city, be aware of your surroundings, be careful lifting heavy boxes, and always look out for yourself! You're the best you that you can be when you're healthy and happy. 

Take Care of Yourself Mentally and Emotionally
A huge part of self care is your mental and emotional health.  If you feel like you are depressed or anxious, talk to a therapist or consider medication.  Yes, a walk in the woods can help, but for many of us, we have a chemical imbalance or a major situation going on affecting us and you should never be embarassed to seek professional help.   If you need a break, take one.  Call in sick to work because you're worn down.  Keep a positive attitude as much as you can and don't get sucked down by others.  Just because I give advice doesn't mean that I enjoy people going on and on about their life issues.  It's draining.  I've learned to disconnect myself and eventually just offer them a piece of advice that THEY are the only ones that can control how they let things affect them (it's true). Most people don't like to hear that so it's a great way to get them to stop the conversation. 

Look Into Products Catered To Your Needs

For me, CBD is a big thing.  I even use CBD with my dogs.    I take time every day to really take care of my skin as part of my day.  I started using HempWorx Revive Serum and it's really given me a nice smooth feel on my face.  It works to help reverse the visible signs of aging and improve complexion and texture, thanks to Collagen Retinol.  I used to not care much what I used on my skin but I see now that in order to love myself more I need to truly care for myself more.  The Revive Cream gets absorbed through the skin and has 50 mg of CBD inside.  It actually is pretty affordable as $69 per bottle.  What was I saying earlier about spending money for self care?  It's super important that you do everything you can to keep your body happy and healthy and if you want to look in the mirror and see bright skin, you need to start using the right products. 

I even love CBD so much that my dogs use it.  The HempWorx CBD Dog Treats are a big hit in my household. They even have a Bacon Flavored Hemp Oil available.  The treats are corn, wheat, and soy free and there are no artificial ingredients.  Plus, it's made in the USA.   The treats are beef flavored and the dogs love that about them.  How these work is they activate the CB2 receptors on the dogs which can help optimize overall health and balance.  Grace is a higher strung dog so I like to give her CBD so she can just relax and feel great and not be so stressed.   She's doing very well on it and that makes me so happy inside!  HempWorx actually has a bunch of other products too like coffee and creamer  so make sure you check out their products here.

For you, it may be essential oils, all natural beauty products, yoga classes, and meditation mats.  Seriously, whatever caters to you that will help you prioritize self care, you need to go for it.  Look at it as an investment. 

I'm going to be giving you a nice treat today, though, in an effort to make you prioritize self care.  Because I love the results I've seen with HempWorx, I am running a giveaway for you to win the same products I use - the CBD Dog Treats + the Revive! 

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  1. I need to learn on how to pamper myself more.

  2. I need to learn how to take a little bit of time for myself. I am busy 20 hours or more a day.

  3. i think my dog and i will start by taking a quick walk each morning and just start slowly

  4. I am going to start by taking at least 10 minutes each day just for myself.


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