A Day in the Life of Me

Friday, January 17, 2020

Ever wonder what it’s like to be me? Okay, probably not, but I’m going to tell you anyways. I like these types of posts when other bloggers do them because it’s fun to be nosey and understand other people’s lives. So here you go…

5:15 AM – I wake up with or without an alarm, whether it’s a weekday or weekend. I have 4 dogs and they’re hungry so there’s no sleeping in for me. I immediately stumble to the bathroom to brush my teeth then hurry out to the kitchen where the dogs are dancing and spinning in circles eagerly awaiting their breakfast. As soon as they’re fed the coffee goes on and I scroll through my social media feed and go through my blog emails.

5:45 AM – Time to get dressed, do my makeup, straighten my hair, and sit for a few minutes before I leave the house at 6:30.

6:45 AM – I arrive at my full time job which is constant multitasking. On my breaks and lunch I will do blog emails and social media.

3:00 PM – The end of my work day. I head home. If it’s a Monday, I volunteer doing pet therapy with Pixie then so I get home, grab my volunteer badge and Pixie and drive up the street to volunteer until 4.

4:00 PM – After getting home from work and/or volunteering I bring any packages and mail in, sort them, feed the dogs, change their pee pad, change my clothing, make my lunch for the next day, and if it’s a hairwash night I shower.

5:00 PM – Time to cook dinner.

6:00 PM – Blogging time. I usually do a blog post or two or I go through comments, read other blogs, check social media, etc.

7:00 PM – I run any errands I may have and if I have none, I try to explore outside in the backyard around the pond just to get outside or I read one of my self help or self improvement books I checked out from the library. Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I craft, sometimes I dance around to music.

8:00 PM – I usually have an evening snack right before 8 and then I sit down with my husband to watch our shows. Most of our shows start at 8 and 9. This is how we unwind for the night.

10:00 PM – Lights out. I’m usually dozing off already on the couch so we carry the pups back to the bed again and it’s time for bed.

WOW wasn’t that so thrilling. I’m laughing out loud at my self actually.

So a lot of people always ask where my favorite room to hangout in is... well I am kind of mobile.  Actually I just got this super fun chair recently and I take it with me to the living room, the porch, and even the bedroom when I sit and blog or just read books.

How cute is this?  It's an inflatable AirCandy chair from that comes with a faux fur cover. It's great for lounging and also for kids playing video games! It's so easy to inflate and cover and then you just sit back and enjoy it. Taking up too much room? Deflate it for another time!

Oh and of course Rocky approves of it!

What’s a day in your life like?

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  1. Love hearing about you day.



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