How To Appreciate Nature in the Winter

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Since the beginning of time, human beings have thrived in nature. But overtime, we’ve become more separated from it and it’s really taken a toll on us. Even just 20 minutes outside can brighten your mood and it’s actually better for your health. Why do you think your mother always told you to go outside and get some fresh air?

But alas, when it’s cold out and the winter blues have kicked in, we tend to think that we’re trapped inside. That’s not true though. I have made it a point to dress cozy and warm and head out on nature walks during the day on weekends. So here’s how you can appreciate nature more in the Winter and get outside and enjoy it!

Take A Nature Walk in the Woods

If you have a wooded area or a park nearby, choose a weekend during the day when the sun’s out and it’s not too windy. This is the best time to enjoy the outdoors. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately. It’s important to wear a face mask today so that you can protect yourself and others from COVID-19. You can get disposable face masks online if you’ve not purchased any yet. Head out on a walk. Observe as much as you can. Notice what trees and plants seem to thrive in the cold months. Notice what animals are around. Look at how the trees look without their leaves with their amazing intertwining roots and branches.
Sit in the Sunshine

If you can’t get outside but you have a sunny window in your home or office, sit there and bask in the sun whenever you can. The warmth will invigorate you and it will remind you of the warm sunny months to come.

Observe the Weather

Instead of dreading the snow, sit by a window, sip some tea, and watch it fall. Watch the neighborhood kids play in it, watch the snow plow come through like you did when you were a kid, and watch how the animals frolic around your yard. Just try to observe it for what it is.

Take Photographs

Taking photos while walking your dog or taking a nature walk on the weekends, is another great way to appreciate the beauty of nature in the cold weather months. Want some tips? Look up! The sky can be BEAUTIFUL and if you’re under trees, tree branches among the sky can be a really cool snapshot. If you see footprints in the snow, capture that in a photo. Who knows, you may even get the photos printed and hang them in your home as wall décor! Bird feeders with birds trying to get a meal in while it’s snowing makes another great scene. Set it at your phone or computer background!

Help Your Local Animals

Fill your bird feeders each week so the birds that stick around in Winter have something to eat. Hang peanut butter and corn covered ornaments on trees for squirrels. Get a salt lick for the deer. There are so many ways you can provide food to your local wildlife and it gives you something to look at when you’re inside wishing it was Summer.

Collect Items from Nature for Indoor Décor

Pine cones in a bowl look great on the kitchen table. Acorns and twigs in a vase are nice for anywhere in your home. Berries and evergreen needles look great in a dish. Get creative. Look around outdoors for things you can bring inside (respectfully of course) and use to decorate your house. You can also make essences with different types of evergreen needles. Get creative and look up some DIY recipes!

If you try to look at the beautiful parts of the winter months, it will be a lot more bearable. And relax, Spring will be here before you know it! 

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