Three Things You Can Do to Improve Your Health Today

Friday, January 17, 2020

Was one of your resolutions this year to be healthier? Do you want to eat more greens or exercise more? It's good to resolve to be healthy, but vague goals can sometimes be more hurtful than harmful: if you don't have a good plan, you can get discouraged by your lack of progress and quit not even a month into the year.
Instead of nebulous, long-term goals, focus on short-term things you can achieve today. Improving your health takes time. Use these three tricks to start your health journey with a single step each day.

Be a Smart Shopper

When you're buying consumables, always read the label! Ask about the products you're buying at any shop you visit. If you vape, you can ask employees at the liquid store for more information about the products, just like the grocery store. Learning more about what you buy will make you a more conscious and thoughtful consumer.

Substitute One Food Item

A lot of people resolve to eat better every year but never define what exactly that means. If you don't know much about cooking or healthy food, that goal can end up confusing and frustrating you rather than helping you.
Instead of vaguely resolving to eat better, set the goal of substituting one food item per day for a healthier option. Grab a low-fat yogurt instead of ice cream. Have some almonds instead of chips. Drink a glass of milk instead of soda. This small change will help you feel accomplished and make an improvement in your diet without forcing you to change everything at once.

Take a Walk

Were you planning to hit the gym until you got there and saw how many other people were planning on it too? Many people resolve to get in better shape at the beginning of the year and to work off those holiday calories, but gyms can be intimidating, frustrating and just downright busy.
Instead of saying, "I'll get in shape this year," resolve to take one walk every day. Even a five-minute walk will get your blood flowing and benefit your body. Once you get used to walking, you can walk more or even take a run every once in a while.
Setting vague resolutions is a perfect way to be back in your old routines just months into the new year. Take specific steps towards small improvements every day, and you'll feel better about your health and your ability to stick with your goals.

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