Make Moving Home Easy With These Handy Packing Hacks

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

If you have plans to move in the near future, then it helps to prepare by establishing an efficient packing routine that can help you move all of your items in the least amount of time and with a minimal amount of effort. To help make things easy, we’ve prepared a list of packing hacks that will make your move organized and smooth.

Start gathering sturdy cardboard boxes and save them

Don’t throw out cardboard boxes whenever you get a large order. Many of them can be reused as packing boxes in the future and some of them are surprisingly sturdy, making them perfect for heavier items. A great example of this is Amazon’s pantry boxes. If you ever get a pantry order from Amazon, they usually send you items in an incredibly large and sturdy box that is designed to protect all of the items inside. It even comes with handles to make carrying easier. These are the types of boxes that you’d be wise to save.

You’ll also want to hold on to packaging materials if possible, such as bubble wrap which can easily be reused (as long as you don’t spend time popping the bubbles!). To make storing them easier, simply remove any kind of tape and collapse them with the pre-existing folds to make it flat. Smaller cardboard boxes are also great for storing small loose items that you want to pack again. This will help you save a lot of money in packaging materials and also keep your items safe.

Leave your clothes in drawers

Instead of taking out all of your clothes from drawers, simply remove the drawers and use some kind of packaging material to wrap them up and cover them. If your drawers aren’t heavy even with the clothes in them, then you can just as easily leave them in and move the entire drawer. This saves you having to pack away your clothes and then re-fold and store them at your new place. Just make sure you speak to your moving and storage company (if you’ve hired one) to see if they’re willing or able to move the entire drawer.

You can also leave your clothes on their hangers because it’s usually a pain to store away a large number of clothes. If the drawer is heavy then this usually isn’t a viable option, but having temporary storage for your clothes (such as a cheap clothes rack) is a great way to transport all of your clothing without needing to unpack and repack them.

Use your suitcase

Suitcases are big empty containers that can store a ton of items while also being easy to carry, even on public transport. If you’re doing a move on a budget, make sure you make the most of your suitcases and stuff as many things as you can and use them during the move.

We wouldn’t recommend placing valuable items in your suitcases, but clothes, linen, pillows and other similar items are a great candidate for being transported in your suitcase. They can get quite heavy, but they should be a lot easier to transport around than cardboard boxes.

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