What's In My Bag This Month?

Friday, January 24, 2020

If you are anything like me (nosy) you like to see what other people carry in their handbags, right? Well, you're in luck today then because I figured I'd do a quick post about what's in my big ol' bag!

The bag itself is actually backpack from Amazon. I like it because I can wear it on my back instead of hurting my shoulder by carrying it like a regular bag although when I'm busy I can just slip it over one shoulder and go.   It fits SO MUCH and is lightweight but still sturdy.
The main pouch is where pretty much all my important stuff goes.
This is my blogging planner from Emily Ley which keeps me totally organized! I use it every single day. It has monthly calendars and daily schedules.
This is my Filofax planner and envelope system that I just adore. It's what keeps literally my entire life organized.
This is my emergency bag.  Anything I need in a bind is in here including lotion, tweezers, band-aids, tissues, hand sanitizer and more.  It's actually an ipsy bag that I saved.

The external zipper pouches and side pockets keep my phone, pepper spray, and my ID badge for work.  It's nice to have everything separate so I'm not digging around and rooting through stuff in a bind. 

My system basically involves keeping little things in their own pouches and bags so that everything is still organized somewhat and nothing's buried in the bottom of the bag. 

What's in your current bag? 

Also, a lot of you have been wanting to see new and updated pics of my home and how it's decorated and styled.  Well, stay tuned because they are coming. Right now though I'm still working on getting it decorated. 

In the meantime, Enlightened Anonymous is a great source for decor as you'll see in my home tour.  They have zippers and pillow covers to add flair to your home with whatever style you'd like.  I love this uplifting pillow cover they sent me! It's beautiful and definitely high quality!  I have a bracelet from them already but I have to say that I'm in love with the pillow covers.  They are also great for meditation pillows if you want to decorate one of your spaces (like I did) as a spiritual calming getaway where you can meditate or just relax.  

Definitely check them out. They also have altar cloths, tapestries and much more.  It's important to fill your space with things that express yourself and show your values and the things that mean a lot to you. Enlightened Anonymous has so many things for so many different choices of style.

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  1. Love seeing what's in your purse.



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