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Friday, January 3, 2020

Writing is a therapeutic thing for me and many others. Whether I’m writing by hand or typing on my computer, it feels good to get things out of my head and onto paper. But it’s not always easy and there are many times when I struggle with writer’s block and lack creativity or motivation to even sit down and start writing. Here are some tips to keep you motivated with writing whether it’s for college, your career, or just for fun.

Find Your Flow

Some people can sit down and write anywhere at anytime no matter what’s going on in the background. I’m not one of those people. I need to be able to concentrate when I’m blogging and not get interrupted or else I’ll lose my train of thought. If you’re writing, make sure you’re in a space that feels good to you and allows you to tap into your creativity. Maybe you have a quiet nook in your home, a cozy porch you can go to, or a favorite coffee shop where the aroma keeps you invigorated. Find the space that works for you and invest in it. I added plants and throw pillows in my home office because it helps me be creative.

Schedule Time

When an idea hits me, I have to get it out of my head, but it’s not always at a good time during the day so I quickly jot down notes about my idea and email it to myself. Later I’ll sit down at a scheduled time I cleared on my calendar and let it all out. Whether it’s daily or weekly, make sure you carve out designated time in your schedule to sit down and write.

Seek Professional Help

Hallie Gay Walden is known for her amazing skills with college admission essay coaching and planning and she considers writing an art and a skill. She actually helps students write well about who they are and what matters most to them and this is something that’s beneficial when you’re trying to sell yourself to a college. College admissions essays are a big deal so if you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out and find a professional to assist you.

Take Creative Writing Classes

Look in your area for classes in creative writing. Sometimes just being around like-minded individuals can be motivation enough. Most are a low cost or even free and often found at local libraries or universities.

Seek Out Writing Prompts

A simple internet search can bring up tons of essay and journal prompts to get your juices flowing. Sometimes it’s hard to think of a way to just dive in to writing so prompts can give you a topic to keep in mind and delve deep with. Reading books and other people’s writing can also help motivate you and get a bit of creativity into your brain. I also advise reading self-help books on creativity and writing. All these things together can really help you become a better writer. At the end of the day, stay creative and have fun.

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