What’s the Deal with Solar Energy?

Friday, January 3, 2020

Solar energy is all the rage anymore and for good reason. Solar companies like Rusty Tweed are paving the way for solar energy now and in the future and it’s important to understand everything about it so you can embrace change that’s for the good. I personally love this amazing planet we live on but feel like more can be done to better utilize natural resources in a more responsible manner so I am a big supporter of solar energy.

So what is solar energy?

Solar power is energy that comes from the sun that’s converted into thermal or electrical energy. It can then generate electricity, provide light, heat, and do many other things in our everyday life. We already know the sun is a big factor in our lives, just look at how Daylight Savings Time affects us. The sun is a valuable resource we have and by simply using it’s light, we can take advantage of that.

Solar energy is important because it’s a renewable energy source. We can’t really run out of it like the other resources we use to get energy. As long as we have the sun, we will have solar energy accessible to us. Solar energy can also reduce electricity bills because once you have a way to get solar energy, you aren’t buying it from a company like you do with your gas, oil, etc. And if you generate more electricity from solar panels you may have, you can even get a rebate for the surplus energy.

Solar energy also increases your home’s value in most areas since it’s energy efficient. And you get to take advantage of incentives that exist for those that use solar energy within their home. Solar energy is a secure investment when you compare it to the unreliable fluctuating costs of electricity these days. People are getting surprise bills in the mail with obscene amounts from their electric company.

Solar energy systems actually have low maintenance costs. Once you get through the initial purchase and set up, you just need to keep them clean throughout the year and most solar systems come with a great warranty. Since there aren’t really any moving parts since solar panels are stationary, there’s no wear and tear so there’s less expenses for maintenance.

If you’re still skeptical, reach out to a professional to see if solar energy is a good fit for you. There are of course a few things you may want to evaluate about your current situation first. You will need ample space because solar panels can be very large and you need yard space or roof space for them. There’s also upfront costs that are a good investment, but still should be carefully evaluated before you take them on. And of course there’s the cost of installation but again, that’s a one time only cost. Make sure you do your research to see what the cost of investing in solar energy is and speak to a professional about making it happen in your life.

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