5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Your Drab Decor

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


The COVID-19 left a lot of people in their homes staring at the same walls and decor for weeks. Life can get a little dull that way, and if you have found yourself bored with the look of your living room or bedroom, you aren’t alone. Even though many may be tight as you head back to work and try to find a normal post-COVID routine, there are several things you can do to instantly brighten and transform any room. Here’s your guide to starting small and recreating your home’s interior.
Address the Windows

A boring drapery that seemed to classic a decade ago needs to be replaced. While you can opt for another curtain or difference color valance, you can reach to a custom blinds Denver company for a more unique look. Find a blind that is functional and suited to the style of the home. Window treatments can dramatically change the tone of a room.
Throw Down a Rug

You can create a warm and cozy feeling to a room with a well-placed rug or two. Dark rooms become lighter with a cream or white-colored rug, but you can bring in deep blues or reds for a more dramatic feel. It will also feel good on your toes during cold winter days.
Bring in Some Nature

Greenery, potted plants, or a vase of flowers will bring fresh air and a fresh look to the room. If your thumb isn’t too green, you can find good quality fake floral arrangements or wreaths to hang up or set around. Make sure you don’t use a tired, old vase for your brilliant hues and subtle floral scents.
Brighten It Up

If your goal to brighten up the room, then do so through a new lamp or updated light fixtures. An antique lamp or oversized lampshade can add some visual interest, but why stop there. Add strip lighting under kitchen cabinets or change out brass-colored fixtures for a more modern look. Changing out your bulbs to LED or Edison style can also create new magic in the room.
Try a Coat of Paint

Though more time-consuming and laborious than the other suggestions, a new coat of paint will do wonder for any room. Work with trending colors or get creative and inspired by a vintage piece of art you own. You can paint trim, crown molding, and even the doors if you wanted.

These are simple ideas to bring new life to a room that seems more dull and drab by the day. They are pretty easy on the wallet as well, making them that much more appealing.

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