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Monday, August 24, 2020


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YouTube changed the world - and practically nobody noticed. The video-sharing site began from humble beginnings, offering internet users a way to reach out to the community. Now it’s a massive platform, and tens of thousands of people make a living from it. Simply incredible!

Knowing how to make the most of YouTube, though, is a challenge. The average person who starts up a channel doesn’t get very far. You need to be both talented and committed - and able to command a niche.

Fortunately, many authors are on the case. They’ve written several books about succeeding on YouTube, covering topics from finding your audience to choosing the best ring lights. Here are some of the books any budding YouTuber needs to read.

YouTube Secrets By Benji Travis And Sean Cannell

YouTube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video Influencer by Benji Travis and Sean Cannell is the ideal book for anyone looking to set up a YouTube channel for entrepreneurial reasons. It takes the reader of a whistlestop tour of YouTube best practices, showing you a route to both influence and income.

Ultimately, the book is a guide designed to enable regular readers with useful ideas to monetize them effectively during the lockdown. It talks about the rules on the platform and some of the most successful business models.

YouTube Success Formula By Clark Kegley

This book by Kegley contains 31 tactics or increasing subscribers, viewers, and money. The author goes into great detail for each, helping to keep the book manageable while also providing the reader with actionable insights that they can use.

This book is nice because it reads more like a blog than a regular manual. For that reason, you get lessons in bitesize chunks and never feel overwhelmed.

YouTube: The 2020 Essential Guide To Grow Your YouTube Channel By John Anson

Suppose you’re looking for something relatively short that provides you with quick information on how to grow your YouTube business. In that case, John Anson has some helpful solutions for you. This book premises to increase subscriber counts by thousands of percentage points and ultimately replace your current income.

Crushing YouTube: How To Start A YouTube Channel, Launch Your YouTube Business And Make Money By Joseph Hogue

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What better way to learn about creating a fabulous YouTube channel than from somebody who’s already been there and done it?

Hogue managed to double his YouTube subscriber numbers in a matter of months back in 2012. Then he doubled his count again. And then again!

He sets himself up as living proof that pretty much anyone can set up a channel on YouTube and experience success. He shows how the average person can earn a considerable $3,500 per month in advertising income. And he points out how the sky is effectively the limit. The more compelling you make the content, the more people want to watch.

He lists the income streams that will make you money on the channel and the easy way to record videos, even if you’re camera-shy.

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