The Pet Parent Alert Kit [Review + GIVEAWAY]

Monday, August 17, 2020

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Our pets are a huge part of our lives no matter what kind of pets reside in your home.  And for someone like me who always thinks of EVERYTHING, it's no surprise I have that in mind when I plan for emergencies.  But it got easier to do that for me now because I use something called The Pet Parent Alert Kit from The Petmosphere. 

I always tell people that planning ahead is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your pets because if the worst case scenario happens, your pets are covered which can give you peace of mind now.  Hopefully you never need this type of emergency help but you can't predict the future. Each kit comes with several items.  

Wallet Card and Key Ring Card: These are so important.  If something happens to you when you're away from home, how is anyone to know that you have pets at home that need care?  And remember, in a worst case scenario you may not be able to talk and tell anyone about your pets.  So this card which can be found in your personal effects in your wallet AND your keychain, lets the finder know that you have pets at home.  It gives the findder the name and address of someone they can contact to go to your home and find your pets and care for them.  The wallet card should always be kept right behind or next to your ID Card.  This is what emergency responders look for when they try to identify who you are.  
You should also make sure you carefully choose your emergency contact.  It should be someone you trust and that knows how to care for your pets.  Of course, you should always have a paper on the fridge with care instructions for your pets but it's also important that you give a copy of that to your emergency contact.  Make sure they're okay with the responsibility. 

Silicone Wrist Band: This is important because it tells people you're a pet parent.  And it's great if you're going to be going on a hike or somewhere that you can't carry your personal things on your body.  That means when you're at the beach, swimming in a pool, on a run, etc.  But it's also great to wear all the time because when someone sees it, the opposite side of the wristband says to see your ICE card in your wallet so they'll know where to look next for more information. 
Save Our Pets Window Sticker: This is great for a window in your home so that if there's a fire or other emergency, emergency responders know there are pets inside to save.  Sometimes you aren't home when something happens and sometimes  you are but you have to run out or you are unconscious and carried out.  Don't you want first responders to know who else is inside? Make sure you keep the sticker updated.
Why is it so important to plan for these things with your pets? Because think about it, if you're in an accident and you're away from home, how does anyone know who to contact? If you can't speak or you aren't awake, they need to know who to reach out to you.  Make sure the person you choose is local to your home so they can get their quickly.  A trusted neighbor, family member, or very close local friend is a good idea for an ICE contact.
10% of of the purchase goes to help shelter pets too which is pretty cool! 
So The Petmosphere has teamed up to give 2 lucky winners a Pet Parent Alert Kit of their own! Enter below!
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  1. We have a dog, Maggie. She is an important part of our family and we'd be devastated if anything ever happened to her. This would give us peace of mind.

  2. I have 7 kitties and if anything ever happened to them I would be heartbroken. This could possibly save their lives in an emergency.

  3. I have a fur baby. This could save his life

  4. I have two dogs, a cat and a snake so I would love to have this to ensure they are given the proper care should they require it.

  5. It is important to me as I am a pet parent and love them so much. This would help to protect them when they need help.


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