Looking After Your White Gloss Furniture

Sunday, August 30, 2020



There is no denying the beauty of white gloss furniture. This type of furniture boasts a striking and stylish appearance while it also has the benefit of making a room look more spacious. Nevertheless, you do need to care for your furniture properly if this is going to be the case. Below, we reveal some top caring tips.

Why gloss furniture?

But first, let’s take a look at why gloss furniture has become so popular. From built in wardrobes to coffee tables, there are many different furniture pieces that are designed with a gloss finish today. But why has this still of furniture become so well-loved? Well, first of all, you cannot deny the beautiful and modern appearance of this type of furniture. However, the benefits extend a lot further than this.

A lot of people love gloss furniture because of its reflective surface, which can open up a room and make it appear a lot bigger. This is because the sun reflects off the surface of gloss furniture, bouncing back into the room so that the space looks more welcoming and roomier too.

Plus, gloss furniture is not as expensive as a lot of people assume. Many homeowners think this will be one of the more costlier furniture styles, but that is not the case. You can pick up some real bargains when it comes to this style of furniture, so it is definitely worth browsing around online.

How to clean your gloss furniture

First and foremost, it is imperative to avoid using any furniture sprays or chemicals, for example, furniture polishes or glass cleaners. This is because they will cause the surface of the high gloss furniture to deteriorate. Silicone-based cleaners result in the surface of the lacquer being covered in a greasy film, which is virtually impossible to get rid of. Moreover, the lacquer will deform if you use glass cleaners because they are too corrosive. Therefore, less is really more when cleaning gloss furniture.

So, what sort of products should you use? You will simply need a spray bottle that is filled with water, a pack of soft microfibre cloths, glass and polishing e-cloth, and a feather duster. An e-cloth is a lifesaver on those days when there seem to be more fingerprints on the furniture than usual.

Those products are all you need for standard day-to-day cleaning, but what happens when you spill something on your white gloss coffee table? The first rule is always to make sure you wipe it away immediately, otherwise, it will dry onto the surface. Use a little bit of water and a microfibre cloth for this. If you act quickly, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

As you can see, looking after white gloss furniture is more straightforward than you may realise. The key is to react to any stains immediately while you should also keep it simple in terms of the products you use. Stay away from chemical cleaners and alike; a cloth and some water will do the trick.

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