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Friday, August 7, 2020

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I'm a sucker for a good subscription box or mailing kit.  I really am.  And today I'm going to share a few of my favorites with you because I've recently discovered them and they are just so unique and fun.  I usually don't try anything new without reading reviews first so if you're like me, hopefully these help convince you!

Shrewd Food
This is the perfect thing for people that love snacking and love variety. Starting at $14.24, inside you get a nice variety of snacks like little puffs in different cheesy flavors, dessert snacks like Keto Dippers, and even things like Protein Croutons! Let me just say the flavors are awesome and seriously delicious. These are also non GMO and high in protein while being low in carbs. Because they're high in protein, I noticed I only needed one bag to snack on. Normally when I snack I keep reaching for more, but this did fill me up and satisfy my cravings. It's a great idea for snacking on the go or in between meals. The bags are a single serve size which means you totally don't have to share, but I did give my husband his own bag since some of the snacks were gluten free! I especially loved the croutons because of course I can put them in a salad but I also could munch on them alone as a snack. I really like that you get to try a variety of things to see what you really like and if you find some favorites you can then order them in a case! This is a great idea for any foodie or even just someone who is really active and needs high protein low carb snacks in between meals.

JaneCare CARE Kits
So these aren't necessarily a subscription box but they are an awesome kit that you can order for yourself or for others as a gift. They are a line of kits that help you not only care for yourself but also for others. The products in them are created by women and minority owned businesses and each kit is designed to help with a different challenge. I received the I received the Sleep CARE Kit and I love it! So for someone that struggles to get good sleep, the products inside this kit would be a lovely gift. First, you get a sleep mask which is literally the best way to avoid distractions in the bedroom whether it's the flash from your phone screen, the lights of your alarm clock, or outdoor lights coming in your windows. Essential oils that help promote relaxation and sleep are included and I absolutely love essential oils. I am known to diffuse them, use them on my pillow, and anywhere else they can be applied to. Of course a bracelet made of Lepidolite which is a crystal that eases tension and promotes restful sleep. An actual sleep balm that smells AMAZING is also included and it's use to rub on yourself to promote a relaxed state as you drift off to sleep. They even have a bedtime ritual card included which is so special to me. And to top it off you get a no maintenance faux succulent to sit on your nightstand.

This one is really fun! So I am all about using good products in my home and YVY Naturals offers really great cleaning agents made with 100% Brazilian citrus and Amazonian flowers.  I used to be so stressed the last few months because I couldn't find decent cleaning products on the shelves thanks to the pandemix but these can be delivered right to your door.  And YVY Naturals is the only cleaning brand in the world that saves 83% plastic because they use reusable capsules that aren't any more expensive than what you're already using.  And a subscription means, no more stressing about running low and having to leave your house to head out to the store and wear a mask. 
The smell is SO AMAZING and it is great to use on my kitchen counters every day as well as on other surfaces throughout my home.  
Make sure you check out these awesome subscription services while you're stuck at home! It's so worth it!

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