5 Great Ways to Lower Your Monthly Energy Bill

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Staying on top of your household’s budget requires carefully monitoring your energy usage and identifying unnecessary waste. Here are five helpful ways that you use energy more efficiently in your home and avoid overpaying for your monthly utility costs.
Don’t Tolerate an Inefficient HVAC System

When you try to be judicious with your temperature settings but your home’s HVAC system can barely keep up, you may need to get your system serviced. Periodic cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your system running efficiently. A system that isn’t properly cared for can cause an excessive drain on power, and it may run almost continuously if it isn't heating or cooling properly. For help with heating and air conditioning Denver, work with a service provider who can advise you how to make your system operate to the best of its capabilities.
Use a Programmable Thermostat

Being able to control your thermostat with a timer or having the capability to operate it remotely will enable you to avoid running your system any more than necessary. A smart thermostat can be incorporated into an existing HVAC system, and it can help you closely monitor your energy usage.
Install a Renewable Energy Source

You can get affordable solar panels to power some of your home’s appliances and dramatically reduce your ongoing expenses. This eco-friendly home improvement can also provide you with a valuable secondary power source in the event of a major outage affecting your area. Furthermore, it may entitle you to a tax deduction or an energy savings rebate.
Replace Outdated Appliances

An old refrigerator that runs constantly or an extremely old washer dryer combination with overworked motors create a continual drain on your electricity. Switching to new ENERGY STAR rated appliances will enable you to run your appliances with minimal yearly usage.
Perform an Energy Audit

Your local utility company may give you the option to view an estimated breakdown of each usage category or provide an energy analyzer tool online. You can also use a meter for electronics that provides a readout for the amount of energy used to power something over a given time period. You can collect clear energy usage information from an outlet over a time period of just a few days. Leaving the device plugged in an object over more time can help you identify how your habits impact your energy usage financially and consider ways in which modifying your habits can help you use less energy.

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