My Top 5 Everyday Looks

Monday, August 17, 2020

I don't honestly go many places in a given week.  I maybe run a couple errands and meet up with my friends but other than that I'm at work and when I come home I switch into yoga pants and a tank top.  But I still like to dress up in making myself presentable enough to be seen in public. So I decided to share my top 5 everyday looks.

1 - Skirt and Tee

A simple skirt and a simple tee make it super easy to be put together in a flash.  I love flowy skirts that are made of soft material so I can still sit comfortably or run errands and get in and out of my car easily.  I usually just wear a solid tee on top that matches some color from my skirt.  
2- Sweater Dress and Leggings
This is such an easy look to pull off and it's super comfy because, well...leggings! A tall pair of boots polishes the look very nicely. 

3 - Summer Dress and Denim Jacket
A summer dress is perfect in Fall and Spring if you just pop a denim jacket on top and choose a cute neutral color of flats.  I love this dress, it's definitely my favorite!

4 -Jeans, a Blouse, and a Jacket
This is another fun layered look that can be worn year round.  Wear a cami and then choose a blouse to leave unbottoned and top it off with a cute jacket.  A simple pair of skinny jeans look great and then just choose shoes appropriate for the season.

5 - Skinny Jeans, a Sweater, a Scarf, and a Jacket
This is great for cooler weather but you just need a rather thin sweater, a cute jacket to go on top and then choose a statement scarf to wear over skinny jeans. I generally choose plain colors so the scarf is the piece that pops the most.

What are your go to looks?

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