What I've Learned About Life So Far

Friday, August 14, 2020

As I came towards my 34th year of life I did some thinking about what all I have learned so far and I figured it would be cool to put those thoughts into words and share them here.  Maybe you can relate to some of them and maybe you haven't experienced some of these things yet but you will feel inspired by them when I share.  Enjoy!

Life is hard. 

No one ever said it would be easy thought so to be fair, it's not a surprise.  There are tons of uncomfortable situations I've experienced and major mistakes I've made and had to learn from but really if you look at your life as a giant timeline or events it will go up and down and that's just the flow of life, really. 

Things that didn't make sense as a kid make way more sense now. 
I totally get why there were certain rules and behaviors as a kid because it really does prepare you for life as an adult.  At the time, I totally thought my parents were being absurd but now I completely get it. 

None of us get out alive. 
We don't.  No matter what.  So we are all in the same boat with how life goes and there's nothing left to do but just enjoy the ride and continue learning lessons at any age. 

Laughter is the only way to survive. 
Everyone takes everything so darn serious it seems.  Why?  Sure, there are some serious moments but if you can't laugh at things every day you're really missing out. Seriously, laughter is the best medicine. 

Everyone should be kind. 
The world will thrive much more by us being kind to others and not judging or criticizing.  Be kind to EVERYONE whether you know their story or you don't.  Everyone has their own set of challenges in their lives so we should be treated with kindness and compassion on all levels. 

Just because everyone does something doesn't mean it's right. 
Things that we do year after year because it's always been done may not always be the best way to do things.  Be open to change and revolution.  There are things that were done in the past that are considered barbaric nowadays.  Remember that perspective in your life. 

You'll lose people you love. 
It's inevitable.  Time is precious.  Make every moment count especially when you spend it with others. 

Slow down. 
We tend to rush through life always wanting to get to the next place as fast as we can.  Slow down and enjoy the ride.  It's so worth it. 

What have you learned about life so far?

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