How To Decorate Seasonally

Monday, August 3, 2020

Changing your decor around a little with the seasons is a great way to change up the decor of your home and keep things feeling fresh. Whether you want to celebrate the arrival of your favorite season, or just acknowledge the changing seasons, these decor changes don’t have to take up a lot of time or cost a lot of money.

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To decorate seasonally, look to the outside world for inspiration. You don’t have to make drastic changes. With some switches to your soft furnishings, color, and textures, you can create a seasonal feel, without getting into themed decor territory. A few changes will make a big difference. Welcome the new season by changing out your decor.
Spring Decorating

As Spring arrives after a long Winter, look to nature for inspiration for your decor in your home.

Add Flowers

Plant some flowering plants and cut fresh flowers for vases around your home. If you’re not a fan of real flowers, or are restricted on what you can have due to pets, children, or allergies, then you can use artificial flowers. Green plants work well too. Combine your flowers with glass, such as clear bowls and vases. Pots of flowers on your porch would be a nice decor touch for outside.

Change Fabrics

You could change rugs and throw pillows into options in lighter fabrics and in more pastel colors. You could swap out pillows altogether, or just buy new covers for your existing ones. Change heavy window hangings for lighter ones that will let more light in, or for ones in a lighter color or with a floral pattern. To bring this look throughout your interior design, change your towels and bedding for lighter colors too.

Summer Decorating

There aren’t many changes between Spring and Summer, but your decor can reflect the heat and lazy days.

Add Color

A stronger, brighter color in your color scheme, such as yellow, is ideal for summer. Paint some corbels that can act as small shelves, and which can be switched in and out throughout the seasons to hold a few items.

Add A Fan

If you live in a hot area, add a permanent ceiling fan. They’re a lot less offputting from your decor than plug-in options and can be bought in some great designs now that look chic. A quality fan will look better and last longer.

Fall Decorating

As Fall brings cooler temperatures, then people begin to head inside. Make your home feel cozy and comfortable, ready for this change.

Add Heavier Fabrics

For decorating for the Fall, get out thicker throw blankets and quilts. Drape these over chairs and couches for snuggling in. Put away lighter fabrics, and swap out your bedding and towels for heavier fabrics. Put away your summer curtains, and trade them for something heavier, in a richer tone.

Deepen Your Color And Texture

Bring in deeper colors, such as reds, oranges, and browns. Change your summer colors and decor items for options in a warmer color palette. Instead of summery pieces, choose colors you would find in the leaves outside, or metals like brass and copper. Natural touches, such as leaves or pinecones, make good additions too.

Winter Decorating

The Winter is holiday season and is a time for gathering the family together indoors. Get your home ready to welcome them and the coming holidays.

Create Ambiance

Herbal aromatherapy creates a cozy ambiance. Choose basil, rosemary, or pine for a pretty scent. Bring a cozier element to your lighting with table lamps and floor lamps instead of using a brighter overhead light. If you have room, rearrange your furniture around a fireplace, and add elements like logs ready for burning that will add to the atmosphere.

Get Ready For The Holidays

Holiday decorating gets more and more extravagant, thanks to social media, but you can bring the holiday spirit into your home without going over the top. Some simple strings of light, sprigs of pine, or a wreath on the door are enough to add a holiday feeling without feeling like you’re going too far.

With seasonal decorating, you will constantly change things out. Don’t go too far with room colors or large pieces that will be a nuisance to move or change as the seasons change. You can create a seasonal vibe without making your home feel like a holiday display with just a few touches dispersed throughout your decor choices. You can create some seasonal ambiance that feels natural and will be easy to change around.

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