Looking After Yourself: 5 Health Checks You Should Not Skip This Year

Saturday, August 22, 2020


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Sometimes, we are so worried about climbing up the career ladder, seeing your business get off the ground, or looking after our families that we forget to p[roperly look after ourselves. It has never been as crucial to be able to count on a strong immune system and proper health.

While self-care is at the core of looking after your health, there are also some health checks that only a doctor can complete. Even if these can seem to us unnecessary when we are healthy, they could help you identify issues enough in advance to increase your chances of a fast recovery.
Check for Oral Health Issues With a Dentist

Firstly, pay a visit to your dentist. As we become older, looking after our oral health always becomes more important. Indeed, a problem with your jaw or missing teeth can affect your confidence and personal relationships.

You can also start noticing reduced jaw and mouth functioning as a consequence of poor dental health. Speaking to your dentist can help you pinpoint any issues and resolve them immediately. Whether they suggest treatments like laser protocol or implants, you can count on long-lasting solutions for the future.
Check for Eye or Vision Problems With an Optometrist

Another aspect that we tend to overlook often is our vision. However, vision problems like glaucoma are very common in individuals as they get older. In this case, understanding what are the roots of this issue beforehand can help you limit or avoid the damage that such a condition can cause.
Pay a Visit to Your Gynaecologist or Urologists

As this is considered an embarrassing check to face, many individuals - especially young ones - skip an annual visit altogether. However, visiting these professionals only if there is a problem to solve might mean that it can also be too late to prevent the damage of an illness.

For example, regular visits to the gynaecologist can help you spot the signs of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Ultimately, a Cervical Screening Test should be completed regularly and should be booked regularly after 25 years of age.
Check for Diabetes

Diabetes among the most common illnesses from which people suffer today. More than 100 million U.S individuals suffer from this condition, which can impact many aspects of everyday life and represent a threat to health and life expectancy. However, solutions and treatments are available if the illness is discovered and treated in time. Don’t skip a regular blood sugar test!
Don’t Forget About Regular Blood Tests

Lastly, take your time to undertake regular blood tests. While these are often commissioned by a doctor before a medical exam, you don’t necessarily have to wait to check the levels of nutrients and compounds in your blood. Ultimately, such a simple test can help you discover more about your health.

In some cases, a blood test can offer you indications about the type of diet you should be following or the treatments you should consider undertaking. Once you have the results of your test, speak to your family doctor to understand more about the different indicators and compounds levels.

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