How To Help A New Dog Adjust To Your Home

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Getting a new dog is always going to be exciting, but whether you’ve owned dogs in the past or this is your first, there are some important things to take into consideration if you want your new pet to adjust to your home quickly and permanently. Read on for some great tips on how to get your dog acclimated to your home so they can truly become a part of your family forever.


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Give Them Their Own Space

Everyone enjoys having some privacy, and your dog is likely to be no different. Of course, they will all have their own personalities and their own likes and dislikes (which is why you need to treat each dog as an individual, even if you have had pets in the past), but giving them their own space is something that many will like, and it will help them to feel calm and comfortable.

This space doesn’t have to be a big one. The corner of a room is just fine as long as there is space for their bed and some toys. This is not somewhere they should be eating – that’s ideally done in the kitchen for easy clean up – but it’s somewhere they can go to feel safe and when they need a bit of alone time as we all do now and again. A comfortable bed is essential for this idea to work and is one of the tips for new dog owners that Katherine Marraccini suggests.

Develop Routines

Routines are so crucial to a dog; it’s something they can understand and, once they have learned them, they will want to keep up with them. So, once you’ve put a routine in place, try not to change it too much, or you might find your dog becomes anxious and may even misbehave.

Your routine should include playtime, exercise, meals at the same time each day, and even bedtime. Remember, the more often you are able to stick to your routine, the happier and more easily adjusted the dog will be, ensuring a peaceful and contented home life for everyone.

Make Adjustments

Ultimately, your dog is not the only one who is going to need to make adjustments when they come into your home; you’re going to have to change some of the things you do too. And you’ll need to allow for mistakes to happen at first. If your dog messes on the carpet, for example, don’t get angry; it’s a message to show you that you need to work harder on your training or that the area you’ve allocated to your dog’s toilet isn’t right.

Having a dog is hard work, and you’ll need to change a lot in your life to accommodate them. However, it will also be the best thing you can do for yourself and the dog in question, so don’t let this put you off; it won’t take long to adjust, and it will soon feel as though they have always been there, giving you unconditional love.

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