How to keep your Hardwood flooring Beautiful

Saturday, March 13, 2021


Suppose you have updated the look of your home with hardwood flooring. It would be best if you take good care of them to remain beautiful over the years. Hardwood floors are not very expensive to maintain. However, there are certain things you need to do so that you keep their surface excellent.

As you prepare to put the floor in, you may be wondering if all your hardwood floors should match throughout the house and how you will take care of them. Here are tips on how you can keep Denver hardwood flooring look stunning.

Keep the Floor Dry

Do not allow water to settle onto your hardwood floors. It will ruin the floor's finish. Ensure that you close all your windows when it about to rain. If you love keeping flowers in your house, if they are potted, ensure that you place trays underneath them to control water. If your floor gets wet, wipe them immediately.

Use area rug liberally

As people walk across the room, your hardwood floor surface will eventually wear down. You must control these frictions on the surface of your floor by using area rugs. Avoid rugs that have vinyl or rubber backing, as these materials can ruin your floor finish. You can place long mats around your entryways so that anyone entering the house can remove all the dirt from their shoes before they enter the house. If possible, ask them to remove their shoes.

Use furniture pads

If you have kids in your house, they will probably play a lot in the rooms by bumping and moving furniture. This can cause the floor to have tiny scratches. Put pads on the legs of your furniture to protect your hardwood floor, and the pads will protect your floor and make furniture movement much more effortless.

Use products designed for hardwoods

Avoid using nod design products to clean a wooden floor because they will strip the floor finish. You can use a no-wax floor cleaner or look for other recommended products in stores to protect your floor from damage.

Vacuum every week

When it comes to vacuum cleaning, many people usually think it should be done frequently when you have carpets. This is not the case. A lot of dust will normally settle on a hardwood floor, which may become like sandpaper on the floor surface and may wear the floor finish if not taken care of. You can use the floor setting on your vacuum so that you avoid scratching your hardwood surface. Additionally, you can use a mop designed for floors if you don't want to drag a vacuum cleaner all the time.

Polish the floor regularly

If your hardwood floor has a wax finish, it is essential that you wax it regularly to keep it looking shiny and new. The stage at which you will start using the wax on your wooden floor will help cover any available scratch that is on the floor. It is worth noting that every wax product is not the same. Consult before you buy any.

With a little bit of preventative maintenance and some common sense, you will keep your Denver hardwood floors looking fabulous for many years.

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  1. I do all of these things. Minus the ara rugs.


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