What To Do If You Feel Insecure About Your Smile

Monday, March 8, 2021

It’s an unfortunate truth that many people feel insecure about their smiles. What a shame that something showing a person is happy can lead to negative feelings.

Some people might hold their hands up to cover their smile or avoid smiling overall. This doesn’t feel like a productive way to deal with insecurities, so instead, some alternatives are provided here.

There are many reasons why someone might feel insecure about their smile, but a common one is teeth. To make sure your teeth are in the best shape, making sure you take care of them is key.

Look after your teeth

Getting into a good teeth-care routine can help. Of course, brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes is standard practice, but there are other things you can do too. Mouthwash, flossing, and even cleanings by your dentist can all add up to better-looking teeth.

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Your diet can also affect the strength and look of your teeth. Calcium is necessary for strong bones and teeth, so ensuring you’ve got a good amount of high-calcium dairy products can help. Foods that are rich in calcium also include spinach, bread, and sardines.

On the other hand, there are some foods you might want to avoid if you are hoping to make your teeth look better. Primarily, these are foods with a lot of sugar: cakes, candy, chocolate, jams, and sugary cereals.

Use makeup to find confidence

Often, fighting insecurity is just about ‘faking it until you make it.’ One of the easiest ways to do this is with makeup. If you wear a strong lipstick or lipgloss, you may distract yourself so much with your new look that you don’t notice your insecurities as much.

You might want to look at the current lip color trends to know which color to use or try out some for yourself. It’s all about wearing what feels good to you and what will give you the confidence to smile wide.

Change your teeth

If you are insecure about your teeth, it’s best to try and accept them first. But, if you’ve tried and still feel insecure, you can use methods to change them.

There are several options available to you. You could start simply: you could try clear braces to straighten your teeth. These are great, as they cause changes to your teeth, but you don’t go around looking like a teenager with your braces. As they are clear, no one needs to know but you. Once your teeth are straightened, you will be able to feel freer to smile without insecurity.

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If you cannot solve the issue with braces, there is the option of cosmetic dentistry. This can involve anything from teeth removal, teeth straightening, teeth whitening, or jaw movement. These procedures might seem like a lot, but they could really help you find confidence again and smile to your heart’s content.

Don’t feel insecure

Everyone has things they feel insecure about. Your first instinct might be to change these things, but accepting yourself might be all you need to do.

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