5 Foolproof Tips to Keep Houseplants Alive

Monday, March 8, 2021


Houseplants can be super picky, at least for me.  Over the last year though I've learned a lot and did a ton of research to figure out the rocket science (because apparently that's what it is) behind keeping houseplants alive.  It really isn't rocket science when you know what you're doing, but too many of us don't.  We arrive at a nursery, find a cute plant, and head home thinking we know what we're doing.  So here are some foolproof tips to NOT kill your beloved houseplants.


Google everything. 
A simple google search of your plants name will tell you how often it needs repotted, what kind of light it needs, and when you should water it.  If you don't do this with each houseplant you own, you may be in trouble.  No houseplant is the same so you can't just do the same stuff to every single plant. I actually take a sticky note, put the name of the plant, and all the requirements on it and then tape it to the pot it's in. I HIGHLY recommend doing this. 
Get a water meter. 
Seriously, get a water meter.  They're a few bucks on Amazon.   Do not water your plant EVER without checking with a meter first.  Then using your note card, see when to water.  Some plants like to be almost completely dry before another watering.  Some like to stay moist.  This will definitely save you from overwatering or underwatering your babies. 
Know your lighting in your home. 
Not every home has enough natural light coming in where your plants are placed.  So before you buy a bunch of new plants, consider where you have space and what kind of light those empty spots get.  Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that certain plants won't thrive in your home, and that's okay.  Faux plants exist for a reason. 
Do a weekly check. 
I take a pair of scissors and go around every weekend and check each plant for any dead or dying leaves. FYI - dying leaves doesn't mean the plant is dying. It's totally natural for old growth to die to send more energy to the new growth.  Cutting the dying leaves off allows the energy to focus on the important parts of the plant. I also check for any pests or infestations but I usually don't have issues aside from fungus gnats because when I get new plants I keep them away from my others for a good 2 weeks.
Accept your losses.
Stop buying plants that don't thrive in your home.  If you keep buying plants you can't keep alive, you're wasting money.  Stick to the ones that thrive already.  

I promise it's not rocket science if you know the basics. How many houseplants have you had success with lately?

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