How To Spruce Up Your Home Office

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


A home office can be a place of great inspiration and creativity if you have it decorated and arranged the right way for your needs.  I've noticed when I didn't put any thought or effort into my home office, it was hard to sit down and create great content and do a good job at work.  So here are a few ways to spruce up your home office.

Add Green
Plants are a great way to spruce up a desk and make it cozier.  Plants not only are good for air quality but they're nice to look at and if you don't have a window near your desk, being able to stare at a plant or two when you need a quick break can boost your mood. 
Stay Organized
Keep your desk surface as clear as possible and put things away at the end of each day so you start with a blank slate the next morning.  Use acrylic drawer organizers and file folder systems to keep piles of office supplies and papers off your desk.  
Have a To Do List
Whether it's a dry erase board or a note pad that sits front and center, make sure you have an area to brain storm and add quick tasks to your to do list so you don't forget them.   
Make it Comfortable
Make sure you invest in an ergonomic chair and keyboard and make sure you are comfortable while you work or else you won't want to sit there and work, which defeats the whole purpose of a home office.  Adding a throw blanket over your office chair adds a cute decorative touch but also gives you a way to feel warm and cozy during your day. 
Eliminate Distractions
Make sure your home office is neat and tidy. If you have things in that area that will distract you, move them to another room so your home office is a better place for you to be inspired and motivated to work hard. 
Make a Gallery Wall
Making a gallery wall of inspirational quotes you print off your computer and slipping them into dollar store picture frames can really dress up the wall and add motivation when you glance at it.  I even have some free printables you can use!
What does your home office look like and how well does it work for you?

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