How To MAJORLY Simplify Your Life

Wednesday, March 3, 2021


It's very common anymore to feel like life is just overwhelming and there's just SO MUCH to it.  Phone notifications, daily tasks at home, daily work tasks, long term projects, shopping trips that need done, meals that need cooked, bills that need paid, and the list goes on and on.  But, after 2020 kicked my butt, I realized I needed to simplify my life, and I did, and it worked wonderfully.  I figured it was time to do a post about the steps you can take to simplify your life and make better use of your time, money, and energy!

Delete apps and turn off notifications. 
Our phones are major time suckers and they can drain the life right out of you.  Go through your phone and delete any apps you don't need.  Seriously.... If you want to stop impulse buying things, delete your shopping apps.  Also make sure you turn off notifications for everything except really important stuff (emails and texts).  Seriously, we get so many notifications all day long it's overwhelming.  Change it up so you check your social media on YOUR time when you want to.  
Start everyday with a morning routine. 
Maybe your routine will be to wake up and sit in silence for 20 minutes as you sip your coffee.  Maybe it's to sit with your cat or dog and adjust to waking up.  Create a way to start your day that allows you some extra time to just BE. 
Stop buying things.
Do a major clean out of your home and then organize and tidy everything up.  You'll realize you have what you need and you can break the cycle of ordering random things that just take up space that you eventually have to get rid of.  Break the cycle of waiting on an Amazon package every single day. 
Stop watching everything on TV. 
I used to DVR so many things.  Then I realized I kept watching them out of habit. So I deleted what I don't like and now I only watch or record the shows I absolutely 100% enjoy.  I don't let my life revolve around what's on TV that night. 

Plan your meals.
When you plan your meals for a week or 2, you can then make a grocery list based on what you need for the upcoming meals.  You can use up the excess stuff you have in your pantry already and then you won't feel so overwhelmed each day when you have to decide what to make for dinner.  Instead, it will already be planned for you and the ingredients will already be stored away so you just need to cook them. 

Stop running unnecessary errands. 
Do you really need to get your nails done or are you just doing it out of habit? You can save money and time by doing it yourself or even just go commando on your nails!  Do you always run around taking the kids to different activities? Start a carpool with other parents and alternate the weeks that you drive everyone.  This gives you more free time. 

Make a To Do List every single day. 
This lets you cross things off as you do them and you may find you do them all in the morning when you have more energy so that by lunch time, you have the entire day to just exist and focus on the big stuff like work or tidying the house. What I found with to do lists was that I realized there was a bunch of stuff I always did each day out of habit that I didn't need to. 

Say no. 
You don't have to say yes to everything someone asks you to do. If you don't want to do anything this weekend, say no when someone asks if you're free. Your time is YOUR TIME.  You don't owe anything to anyone. Start taking back your time and energy.

Pick days of the week for certain tasks. 
Plan to do laundry the same day every week or to vacuum the house the same day each week.  When you plan this stuff in advance you'll never have to sit there and stress out because you have too much to do all in one day.  It's okay if the house is dirty on a Wednesday if the next day is your major cleaning day.  Divvy up the tasks for yourself so you aren't always running around doing everything. 

Hopefully these ideas can get you started to change your life from one that's chaotic and busy to one that's a little more organized and fulfilling. 

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