Coping With Aging

Tuesday, March 2, 2021


There are plenty of changes that occur in the human body as we age. It can feel like a burden to have physical limitations when your mind is still intact, and vice versa. As we age there is one thing that is common no matter what, it's that your vitality that you once had when you were young has gone, and the changes that we are facing are often hard to cope with. Generally, we enjoy a much longer life expectancy now than we ever did before, but that doesn't mean that aging isn't emotionally and physically painful.

Understanding the changes happening with your body as you age is going to help you to cope with them. It also allows you to be better prepared for the years to come that you haven't got to yet. As these changes occur, you may need some help from CDPAP and your friends, and that's okay. As long as you recognize the need for some support, you're on your way to accepting the changes age will bring. Let's take a look at the physical and mental changes that you should expect in the coming years. Once you do feel them happening, you'll feel secure in that you'll know what to expect.

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-Physical Changes. You will notice many of the physical changes in your body as you age, from the wrinkles around your eyes to the sagging skin around your cheeks and mouth. Along with these, our bones reduce in size, becoming weaker and more prone to breakage. This is a change that can result in osteoporosis in some women, and bones are slower to heal as a result. Any injuries are likely to end in more breaks, and this can be hard to cope with as falls can be devastating to your body. Alongside the bones becoming weaker, your heart also pumps blood more slowly at a lower rate, and this means you can be more tired more quickly.

-The Brain. The brain changes a lot as we age, resulting in slower reflexes and in some people, memory loss. The predisposition to dementia is difficult for everyone to cope with, and your metabolism slows right down, too. Digestion changes, and the digestive tract becomes more rigid as a result. This makes it much harder for food to be processed and digested. This can lead to bowel issues and nausea, both things that you want to avoid! Along with all of this, your senses change, too. They become more difficult to stimulate, and this leads to it taking longer to taste, smell and even hear things.

-Increased Stress Levels. Stress is a very common issue among seniors, and usually it stems from loss and grief. It's not easy to lose close friends and spouses, and this can have an effect emotionally and mentally, too. Keeping active and seeing friends where possible can help, as can relying on friends and therapists will help you to talk through the issues you are facing.

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