Another barking dog!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hey Ellen,

I see you have chihuahuas, I have a 4 lb 2yr old and he barks at everyone who walks by the window, freaks when the door bell rings, and goes after everyone who walks in the house. I've tried everything, its so embarrassing ! Do you have any tips to calm him down?

Thank you,
Hi Renae,
Spray bottles work wonders.  The second he barks, tell him QUIET!  If he doesn’t listen and barks again, spray him when you repeat the word QUIET.  If he stops, praise him for stopping.  Good boy, quiet!  He is just doing his job as a dog and telling you when someone is walking by or coming in but if you can teach him the command QUIET it will work wonders!  I use the spray bottle all the time on my dogs and they have grown so good with it. As long as you don’t abuse it, it should work.  It’s to the point now that all I have to do is place the bottle on the table, and my dogs are on their best behavior. Hope that helps!


  1. I bet your babies are so adorable, behaving when they see Mommy with her bottle. : )

  2. I have also heard that the spray bottles work. I taught my dogs to be quiet by using the same hand signal that you use for kids....pointer finger in front of mouth with a Shhhh. The most important thing is to remember the positive reinforcement when he is quiet. He's just doing his job.


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