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Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Ellen
I have 2 cats and I’m 30 years old.  My husband has a major problem with my kitties because they scratch the furniture and he’s freaking out about it.  I’ve tried deterrents, tried double stick tape, and I have even tried putting moth balls by all the furniture.  He keeps telling me to get the declawed which I refuse to do cause I consider it to be equivalent to cutting off their fingertips.  I am totally worried now because I really don’t want him to tell me to get rid of them and I understand that he’s so mad cause our furniture is getting ruined.  This problem just started because we got new carpet and new sofas in our living room.  Both of my cats, Sparks and Angel, and 3 years old and are sister and brother.  Help!

Hi Viv,
Have you tried buying one of those carpeted cat trees?  They are amazing.  My parents use them and they have no more problems with the cats scratching furniture.  Also, depending on how your house and living room are set up, you could try putting gates up to block the room so they can’t go in.  I do believe that the carpet tree should help a lot though because you can always replace the carpet, and it will distract them from the other furniture since it will be the most exciting for them to climb, scratch, and lay on.  They range in price and you can find them at Wal-Mart and any pet store.  It’s definitely worth the cost because it works wonders!! Also, good for you for not having them declawed.  It makes me happy to hear that you feel strongly about your cats!  Scratching is an instinct for cats so as long as you meet their needs somehow you should be alright.  You can also buy one of those scratching boards that you lay on the ground, and you can buy catnip to sprinkle in it.  They LOVE that!!
Good luck!!


  1. I had a similar issue with my cat after buying new furniture.

    You need to try Softpaws! They are GREAT! They take maybe 2 minutes to put on, and if your cats are used to their claws being trimmed it will be really easy for you to put them on.

    Here is their website:

  2. OMG I have the same problem..for a while I have to live with my grannie and my cat is scratching the furniture..she's also freaking out about it..

  3. Love the Softpaws idea! We have a kitten two months old and she is a real terror. These would be perfect for her. We really don't want to get her poor little knuckles maimed by having her declawed. She doesn't mean any harm, she's just being a healthy happy cat. Plus, she's an indoor-outdoor kitty so she really needs her claws for outdoors. Wonder how the Softpaws do for outdoor kitties?

  4. My cat loved her scratching pad.

    Also, if you get a scratching post make sure it's tall enough. Cats like to stretch their bodies out when they do it.

    I think you can clip their nails rounded too but I've never done that.

  5. Hi Ellen!
    I was reading through this post because I have a Cat blog named "Cat Chat" and all of your advice was PERFECT except for one thing....putting up a gate to deter a cat from scratching...cats can jump over gates! (smile) Gates are great for dogs but not for agile kitties! I did a post about cats scratching a few months back...the link is

    (BTW your dogs are adorable!) I like your blog!
    I currently am having a huge problem with Blogger not allowing me to "Preview" my blog, it comes up with a white screen. Have to post my blog tomorrow and I am a nervous wreck that it will look like a snowstorm! lol
    I am now your newest follower!

    Cat Chat


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