Boyfriend Never Wants To See Me...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Ellen:
My boyfriend of one month never tries to see me. It feels like he doesn’t care to even make any attempts.  He’s always out with his friends.  I don’t even know why he wants to date me if he doesn’t want to hang out!  I just don’t get it.  I let him have his own way.  I let him have space and don’t call him a lot.  When I do call him he always sounds annoyed and he never says he’ll call me later.   I just feel hurt because if he’s my boyfriend shouldn’t he be spending time with me.  We are both 17 and I’ve only been in one other relationship.  He’s been in 2.  It’s not like he’s new to all this or anything! What the heck???? Thanks Ellen!!!
Well, it sounds like he doesn’t have his priorities straight.  Maybe you should just tell him you need to be with someone who actually wants to be with you and makes attempts to see you.  He’s at the age where he will be discovering new things and he’s probably distracted and focusing on those things.  Cool new hangouts for him and his guys, and who knows what else.  Elizabeth, I really don’t think he’s worth your time.  Maybe he just wants a girlfriend so he can say he has one. That is so not cool.  You are so young and you have plenty of time to meet a guy that will totally spoil you and make you feel so loved and so wanted. Don’t make someone else your priority, when you aren’t theirs.  You obviously are affected by this.  I hope you take my advice girl!!
Good luck,


  1. Ellen gave you good advice. I'm sorry to say that you're wasting your time. You deserve better. If he's like this so early on in the relationship it most likely won't get any better. Find someone that wants to spend just as much time with you that you do with them. Find someone that appreciates you. Don't accept anything less.

  2. You're his girlfriend but he isn't your boyfriend back. You sounds like a sensitive person who wants to give and take in a mutually-satisfying relationship. Walk away from him and find someone who deserves you.


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