How to Get the Guy

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi Ellen, I hope this isn’t a foolish question for you.  How can I make myself approachable to guys?  I often go to the gym and grocery store and spot a cutie but I can never bring myself to “hit on him”.  I thought maybe I was intimidating them or something.  I thought it would be easier at a bar too but even when I go out and I’m only with my 2 best girlfriends, no one says anything.  I just try to mind my own and see if it interests anyone but it doesn’t.
Pointers/Advice appreciated!

Hi Kelli:
Well, you don’t necessarily need to mind your own all the time.  If you are out at a bar, and you want a guy to approach you, don’t stay too “close” to your girls.  The chances of a guy coming up and prying you away are slim to none, and if he does, he might be a little bit too interested in you.  Take in your surroundings, take note of any guys who seem to move in close to you and repeatedly check you out, and then slowly back away just a tiny bit from your girlfriends, making it easier for a guy to come up to YOU and say Hey , excuse me,…..
At the gym and the grocery store, if you see a guy you’re interested in, do the eye contact thing.  Glance at him a few times, and if you both look at the same time, crack a smile.  Give him a subtle hint that you notice he’s looking at you and you don’t mind. It’ll probably make him feel less awkward about approaching you.  If you completely tune everything out, it may make a guy assume you aren’t interested, are taken already, or don’t even notice that he’s there.  That was a fun question! J
Good luck,


  1. I really like Ellen's idea of making eye contact and then giving a little smile to indicate your interest. Not too much of a stare or they might think you're a weirdo. =:0 Just a friendly little smile. =:)

  2. Put on a wedding ring.

  3. Don't worry about the grocery stores or the bars. You likely won't meet someone there. If it's meant to be, it will happen no matter what you do and probably in the most unlikely of places. Don't sweat it too much and HAVE FUN being single! :)

  4. Hi Kelli and Ellen- When you are at the gym, ask a cute guy for help or training tips. My middle son works out and meets a lot of girls at the gym. Who says if you are at a bar and see a guy that you are interested in, that you can't say Hi or often to buy them a beer? You could be surprised.

    Also, think about taking a class that interests maybe, a cooking class. Single guys have to eat and many are learning to cook these days. Good luck!


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