BodyMedia Fit Review

Thursday, May 23, 2013

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BodyMedia is the leading on body monitoring system when it comes to tracking things like calories burned, sleep tracking, and activity monitoring.  If you want to have a healthy lifestyle it's always important to monitor and track these things, which is why for $119-$149 it's a great deal! 

 photo IMG_0950_zpsba6ce5d7.jpg Bodymedia actually began in Pittsburgh, PA when they developed wearable body monitors that give the person wearing it the information they can use to evaluate their lifestyle and make the changes they need to make in order to live as healthy as possible.  And BodyMedia is registered with the FDA and has been clinically proven to enhance users' weight loss by up to three times!

I received a CORE Armband from BodyMedia. It has a great small, sleek size and it can be worn as a wristband or clipped on to your pockets.   I love the design and you can even change the band on it if you want to be fashionable.  It was very easy to set up and all I needed to do was download the free mobile app for my iphone, which was free of charge.    This was so amazing to be able to see throughout the day how I was doing with burning calories, getting a good amount of sleep, and much more.  The data is easy to read and wasn't time consuming at all which is very important to me because I'm on the go a lot!

I am just in love with this little thing and when I wear it everyone asks what it is and how to get one!!

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