4 Tips to Stay Fashionably Warm this Winter

Monday, December 9, 2013

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Yea, I know, some days it's impossible to stay warm against the wind and cold, but there's still ways to make yourself a little more comfortable. So I put together some tips that I use so I can still look stylish, yet feel comfortable.

1. Wear a scarf

There are plenty of fashionable scarves out there and I always prefer a fun pattern like leopard print. A leopard print pashmina will not only keep your looking cute while you clear the snow off your car, but it will also keep your neck and chest a bit warmer!

2. Always carry gloves and a knit hat

In the winter I NEVER go anywhere without a pair of gloves in my handbag. You never know when you might need them! I even carry a knit beanie as well so I can stay warm and protected from the wind at all times. You know how mad you get when the wind messes up your hair, so come prepared for any situation with the right accessories! And make sure you carry a handbag big enough to fit everything in!

3. Layer Layer Layer!

I know, layering can really suck when you start to look bulky, but here's a tip... use shapewear! If you wear shapewear boyshorts you can keep your booty warm and look good in your skinniest pair of jeans!

4. Keep your Feet Warm!

Did you ever notice that if your feet are cold, your whole body is cold too? That's why it's always important to wear warm socks and also layer up with shoe liners, that keep your feet dry and smelling great as well as give you an extra layer of comfort!

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