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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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With Christmas fast approaching, it's overwhelming to pinpoint exactly what someone wants especially when they already have it all. I always find this is the case when it comes to a guy.

Well it's time to think outside the box. Sometimes an experience can be the best gift...but how do you package that up to give someone? Well, that's what Xperience Days does.

With Xperience Days, you can look in a specific area or look up what's closest to your zip code to see what type of things there are to do. I've looked around on the site a lot and found some really cool experiences like wine tastings, skydiving, a helicopter tour of a city, learning to cook, and even race car ride along experiences! There are so many different things to choose from and you KNOW that any guy in your life would love some of what I already mentioned. And of course if you need to plan a girls day, all you have to do is choose the activity and the hardest part is done!

And one lucky winner will get a $50 gift certificate to Xperience Days either to use on themselves or to go towards a gift for someone!

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  1. shanendoah valley hot air balloon ride

  2. shanendoah valley hot air balloon ride

  3. Hot air balloon ride or helicopter ride

  4. I would love to do the Skydiving experience - it'd require a three hour drive to get there, but it'd be SO worth it!


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