Lori Leigh Designs Seaside Blue Vanity Review

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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It's a familiar scenario...you pack your bags for a trip and once you arrive at your destination you go to get dressed for a nice dinner. As you look for some jewelry to go with your outfit, you come to find that your necklaces got tangled, your bracelets slipped into the rest of your luggage bag, and your earrings are bent and mismatched. Well, that's what Lori Torline, the founder of Lori Leigh Designs had to deal with for way too long. So long in fact that she ended up creating a solution to store and travel with her favorite jewelry pieces. Her vanities are colorful and practical. An easy way to store your jewelry in a fashionable manner. Lori Leigh Designs offers standard size and compact vanity cases that can hold earring, bracelet, and necklace trays, as well as rings, so that you can easily find your favorite accessory without worrying about untangling it or bending it back into shape.

I received a Seaside Blue Vanity for my earrings from Lori Leigh Designs. I love it because it is easy to open and close and the trays slide smoothly so I can search for my ideal pair of earrings. It holds all sizes and shapes, allowing them to easily slide into the holes and securely hang in place. It has five trays and even comes with hoop earring adapters. This vanity can hold over 75 pairs of earrings. And the trays can even transfer over to the Chalet Traveler which is more compact. I store my jewelry in this vanity now even when I'm not on the go. It's nice to not have to dig through a drawer of earrings and frantically look for a match! This is an AWESOME solution that every woman needs in her closet/bathroom/luggage!!!

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