Bad Weather Fashion

Monday, December 23, 2013

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Tis the season for sleet, snow, wind, and puddles right? But you can be fashionably prepared to save your hair and your outfit..oh and your sanity...with these bad weather accessories!
1. A Stylish Umbrella
Not only will it protect you from the rain but it's great in snow and if you carry a stylish one with you, you'll look forward to showing it off. Personally, I like the Black and White Flourishes Umbrella from The Trendy Boutique!

2. A Chiffon Blazer.
A Chiffon Blazer is great for layering and still light weight. It won't add too much bulk under your winter jacket but it will come in handy if you get chilly in the office during the day.

3.Cozy footwear and socks
Layering can be done even under your boots, so make sure you wear socks AND a shoeliner like SummerSox. It will keep your boots from getting smelly and also help keep your toes toasty and your feet dry!

4.A Messenger Bag
For some reason, messenger bags are easier to carry with the bulk of winter apparel and combination of bad weather.Throw it over your shoulder or carry it by the top handle, but either way it keeps your important documents for work dry and safe and it looks so fashionable. The Floto Roma Messenger Laptop bag from Silvia's Handbags is a stylish choice!

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