Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend (Especially for Christmas!)

Friday, December 13, 2013

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Whether it's a special gift for someone else, or you just want to drop some hints to your own man, be sure to seriously consider Helzberg's INFINITY X INFINITY Jewelry Collection the holiday season! Every girl deserves to feel great about herself and be spoiled, and that's exactly what you can get, even as a gift to yourself, when you choose jewelry from Helzberg Diamonds! The INFINITY X INFINITY collection is inspired by ABC's hit series Revenge, where the lead character's father has a mantra that says "I love you infinity times infinity". Udi Behr, and award-winning jewelry designer created the collection to emphasize the double-infinity insignia which can symbolize infinite love to anyone, even yourself! The prices range from $49.99 to $1,299. Check out the video below!

So how do I know they are such a great way to spoil yourself? Because I received Diamond Earrings from the INFINITY X INFINITY Collection! Not only are they elegant and beautiful but they make me feel like a princess when I wear them. I'm so used to always seeing diamond studs but I really like that these are dangle earrings because they look great when I have my hair in an updo! There are 4 clustered diamonds in each sterling silver Infinity X Infinity symbol. It's so classy and elegant yet these still look great even with a more casual outfit.

Be sure to check out Helzberg on their social media sites below so you can see all the latest sales and collection news.





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  1. They looks great! Ahh I guess every women love diamonds!

  2. It true that diamonds are girl's best friends and that Infinity X Infinity Earrings looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful stuff.



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