If You're Gonna Say Men Are Like Dogs - Here Are 5 Reasons Why Sex is Like Dog Food

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

There's a lot to be said about the saying "Men are like dogs."  Women often say it when referring to how you have to teach or "train" men what is acceptable or not in a relationship.   Technically, I think people are like dogs... we are all creatures that can be taught good behaviors, and we adapt to bad behaviors too.  

But I also know that I hear of women withholding sex for either no reason at all or to get their way with something.   The thing about that is... sex is a CRUCIAL part of a healthy relationship.   Getting intimate helps you connect and bond, and both men and women get different things from it.   I mean seriously, there are studies that have been done and any good psychologist can tell you that it's important to keep a healthy sex life in a relationship. 

So if you MUST say that men are like dogs...well then sex is like dog food to them.   And here are 5 reasons why.

1. They Need It.

Dogs need food to survive right?

"No, they could survive on anything, even treats."

Yes, that's a valid point.  But for a better quality life of that dog, you need to feed it a well balanced and healthy diet, right? Exactly!

Sure, men don't have to have sex to survive, but it has a lot of benefits for them in particular.  Some of them that I've read and heard are:

 - It makes them feel wanted
 - It makes them feel like they are doing their job as a man to make you feel satisfied
 - It lets them know you are attracted to them
 - It allows them to release stress and tension
 - It allows them to connect with you on a deeper more intimate level
 -  It's a healthy part of a relationship and it allows them to feel wanted by you, it lets them know it satisfies you, and it helps them connect and bond with you more.
- It satisfies their need to "Release themselves" just as a woman has a need and instinct to nurture others (like babies!)

2. They Think About Sex A LOT.

Did you ever notice how dogs seem to pick up on the smell of food INSTANTLY or even the sound of kibble hitting their bowl?  That's because it's always in the back of their mind.  Dogs (and many other animals) are food oriented, mostly as a means of survival. 

So it's safe to say that men think about sex a lot too, especially with you.   When you are changing before a night out, don't you catch him checking you out?  

Wouldn't you find it odd if you stood in front of him naked and he just kept reading his book?   Exactly.
And guess what... they can be sex oriented as well, mostly as a means of survival... because after all, males are supposed to procreate and spread their seed, so they have built in instincts to gravitate towards intimacy with you.

3. It's Wrong to Withhold Sex.

Intentionally refusing to feed a dog is just cruel and unusual, unless you have a very good reason.   A reason that is acceptable could be that they have surgery the next day and can't have any solid food in their stomach.    Also, maybe they are sick so you need to feed them just small amounts.  

So intentionally withholding sex from a man is just plain wrong.   It's not going to punish him and teach him a lesson, trust me.. they don't think like that (nor does a dog).  They just see it as "Um, why not? What did I do wrong? Huh? Why Would you do this to me?"

So do you have a good reason that you don't become intimate with your guy?   Well here are some reasons I've heard and here are some suggestions I have for each one.

I'm so busy and don't have time or energy.
Then make time for it.  Literally, put it on your to do list for the day.  You may not have the time or energy to give your kid a bath every night but you find a way to do taht don't you? So that your child is healthy and clean... well you want your relationship to be healthy so try to make a genuine effort to have some intimate time once or twice a week if you are THAT busy.

I don't want to have sex with him.
Unless you are physically repulsed by him (then why would you even be with him) you NEED to realize the deeper meaning behind your lack of interest in sex.

A lot of times when couples have relationship issues and they don't properly work through them, one or both becomes resentful.  This leads to not wanting to have sex, especially on the woman's end.  A man gets a lot of pleasure from having sex (in most cases) so even if he's frustrated, it's still a release for him.   Women on the other hand, see it more as an act of giving to the other person, so if you are extrmeley angry and resentful inside of your man, obviously it will be difficult to just do what you have to do in order to please him.

An easy solution for this is to find ways to work out your problems, whether it's a therapist, a discussion, or whatever!  

I Have Kids to Worry About.
Well then make sure bedtime is at an early enough time that you can spend some private moments with your man.

And if you let your child sleep in your room, consider stopping that habit because I know from friends that it can be a major problem that's hard for the child to break the older they get.
4.  When They Don't Get Sex They Don't Understand Why.
You can be as angry as you want at your boyfriend for being upset that you hardly sleep together anymore but you need to realize why he's frustrated.

Men (just like dogs and other humans) can't reason the same way women do.   We overanalayze everything and in turn that helps us at times to find out the deeper meaning behind something we don't understand at first.  So some of the things that men start to think when they stop getting intimate with you are :

 - Do I not pleasure her anymore?
 - Is she not attracted to me anymore?
 - Is there someone else?
 - Does she not love me?

So you have to realize that if you have a problem with your man, TALK ABOUT IT and figure it out because dropping subtle hints and losing interest in sex is just not going to get the message across.

5. They Can Go Astray Sometimes.

I am in no way condoning cheating of any kind, however I will say that the best way to explain this is with the example of dogs. 

If you stop feeding your dog, it will begin to starve.  When it still doesn't know why you stopped, it becomes agitated, frustrated, sad, angry, and could become irritated with you.  So when you accidentally let your dog slip out of the house,  you can't be mad when it wanders over to your neighbors garage and whines for food.  

I know that sounds very odd because it sounds like I'm alluding to a man going next door to get sex, but that's not what I'm saying.

It's not that it's your fault for not feeding it, but as a whole, it's your fault for not properly caring for the dog in a healthy appropriate way.

So if you don't have sex with your guy, and you never both to explain why, or work out any issues you guys have in your relationship... you have to understand that some men don't know any better and they just leave.  Whether it's by breaking up with you, or by "going astray."   Don't have sex simply to keep him from cheating.   Instead, work out issues, so that you can have a healthy sex life, so that neither of you ever has to have fears of the other person finding it somewhere else. 

So, if you are really going to compare men to dogs, then you better be able to see how sex is like dog food to them ;-)

I hope you found this post fun but still could take some information away from it. 

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  1. Hahaha just found your blog..too funny!

  2. This is so wrong in so many ways. It is certainly not a woman's fault if a man cheats on her! Relationships are two sided and it is not the sole responsibility of the woman to ensure that it is working properly. If you treat men like dogs (or children) they will continue to act that way. What you need to do is treat them like a grown up with real responsibilities. And one of those responsibilities is communication, which by the way is a two way street. Each party should be working to meet the other person's needs.

    I agree that sex is an important aspect of a relationship, yet making women feel obligated to do it is not the answer. In a healthy, committed relationship it's something that you should want to do, even if you have to schedule it.

    1. Thats the point i was actually trying to make. If you read the other posts on my blog its clear that i blog about communication all the time. This post was simply about sex. this article was more directed towards women that use sex as a tool and then stop using it when they dont want any benefits from their husband.

  3. Love it! Hilarious!!

  4. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!


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