Preparing Healthier Meals in the Kitchen

Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Ever since I began eating healthier it's important for me to be up to par with cooking and preparing meals.   That's why I was in dire need of a kitchen scale.  So when offered to send me one, I was ecstatic.

But wait... what do you even use a kitchen scale for?  Well, it you're on a diet or watching what you eat, you are keeping track of serving sizes and calories, right?   And we tend to eat servings that are way larger than what's recommended so a food scale helps teach you portion control and it prevents you from eating too much. 

You can use a scale for any meal plan or diet.   So if you need to eat 4 oz. of rice, a food scale will show you exactly how much 4 oz. is!

The first thing I noticed about the Tmart Kitchen Scale was how sleek and modern the design was. It's very lightweight so to add this to a pantry in your kitchen shouldn't be an issue.  Whenever you need it, you can just quickly pull it out! 

This kitchen scale has a durable tray for routine measuring.  It's battery operated since it's digital, which makes it easy to use! 

It's got such fine craftsmanship and will be durable for a lot of use for a long period of time. The wide LCD makes it super easy to read the weight and it has a multi-unit display.  Don't worry about killing the battery quickly because this scale has low power consumption, and it'll tell you when there is a low battery or battery overload.  Another benefit is that it will automatically switch off when it's not in use.  It has an Auto-zero function and will lock the readout when data is stable. Oh and it has an all steel panel, so like I said before, it's quite durable.
This has made it so much easier for me to limit my portions and I am so glad!

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