Embracing The Freedom To Be Spontaneous In Your Relationship During Holidays

Monday, December 8, 2014

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With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, our focus tends to be all over the place rather than at home.  Personally, I have a huge list of gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, errands to run, parties to attend to, and of course all of my normal to do tasks.  So it's no surprise that a lot of relationships get pushed back a bit around this time of year.   There are some ways to keep things strong and embrace the freedom to be spontaneous

Have Fun// In my relationship, James and I make time to watch funny movies every weekend and laugh our faces off.  It's always fun because we end up getting little inside jokes from the movies and we continue quoting those lines and jokes for weeks to come. 

Be Romantic// Romance isn't about candles and chocolates, but just about spending some quality time together.  Every week we make it a point to go to a nearby bar to have dinner and a few drinks. It's a great way to unwind from a long week of work, and we really get to focus on each other.  That keeps our bond strong and spending quality time together is very romantic, at least to me.

Tend To Yourself// Just because a relationship involves 2 people doesn't mean you can't focus on yourself. if you don't feel good and aren't happy, then your relationship won't be enjoyable.  Make sure you take the time to do things for yourself, like your hair appointments, nail salon trips, and down time.  It makes your bond stronger because it puts you in a better place as an individual. 

Spice It Up// With all the things going on this month, how can one find time to be intimate? Well, the answer is, you need to make time.  You must put in an effort.  I know, people can make tons of excuses up, but there are many ways to make intimacy more enjoyable.  If you have trouble getting in the mood or feeling comfortable, look into a product such as K-Y®   Liquibeads.  

K-Y®   Liquidbeads are a personal lubricant and are inserted once every few days so that whenever the mood strikes, your body is ready and there's no need for extra, messy lubricants for women.   Especially after you have cihldren, or just have quite a few decades of birthdays under your belt, the action becomes intense and we can dry up a little bit.  But that's normal and while it can be painful and embarassing, there are ways like using K-Y®   Liquibeads, to make it more enjoyable. 

Now keep in mind, if you're pregnant or nursing you should consult a doctor first before using.  You can find K-Y®  Liquibeads at Walmart, which is where I found them.  They are back near the Pharmacy in the feminine products aisle. And here's a coupon for $1 off a K-Y®  Product

The product comes with an applicator that you use to insert a bead once every few days so your body is ready whenever the mood strikes. 

 It's easy to insert, and I felt completely comfortable for days afterwards.   To use: 
[] Remove an ovule from the packet and insert it into the top of the applicator
[] Be in a comfortable position so you can insert the ovule similar to a tampon by pressing the bottom like a syringe. 

And there you have it!

Which of these tips are you going to work on this month?

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  1. I need to work on making time to have little inside "things" with my husband. We don't connect on a real level very often which sucks. We're both workaholics, so it makes it difficult to remember that we need time to connect too. Thank goodness for KY Liquibeads, though! They're a game changer! #client

    1. Sometimes you just have to try your best to make the time! good luck girlie!


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