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Friday, September 18, 2015

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Everyone always has to remind me how bad it is for my health to sit at a desk all day. I can't help it but that's my full time job and then when I get home and I blog, I'm stuck at a desk again!   I try so hard to offset it by running or working out or just plain staying on my feet but it's hard.  I have 4 dogs, a house to keep clean, meals to cook, blog posts to prepare, a full time job to go to, and anything else that happens on a daily basis so if I can find a shortcut for exercise I definitely take advantage of that.   And that's exactly what I found with DeskCycle!

The DeskCycle is a way to exercise at work whether it's in an actual office or if it's your home office.   It basically uses a magnetic resistance system to give you a smooth pedal motion that isn't hard on your joints or distracting.  It's also very quiet so it won't disturb those around you.  You can even adjust the resistance!  

The DeskCycle is a very low profile and discreet under-desk bike.   You can literally sit at your desk and be on a conference call, type up notes, or do calculations in your accounting books all while pedaling. 

I freakin' love this thing!!!! The base of the DeskCycle is very solid so it doesn't rock or move while I use it.  It's super fun to use but it doesn't distract me from my work so I can still focus while I exercise.  I have used the DeskCycle for a couple of weeks now and I can really feel a difference in my legs.  It's a nice lower body workout and it's a great way to get some cardio in.  There's a super nice 5 function display that shows time, speed, distance, calories, and scan.   I love looking down and seeing my progress.   There's is even an online calculator to see how many calories you've burned! There are even some accessories to help attach the bike to your desk or chair.  That's not necessary for me but it's nice to know I have what I need in case I want to do that. 

I think this thing weighs about 24 pounds or so.  Really, it's not that heavy if you have to move it to a different location and I have to say - it was quite easy to set up when it first arrived.  

The pedals are really comfortable and I love the velcro strap.  For the photos I had sandals on but of course I normally do it in sneakers when I use the bike. 

I can't praise this little gem enough! What a great way to keep people moving despite their busy lifestyle and long work hours!!

Oh but that is definitely not all...
one of you will win a DeskCycle of your own!!!
Good luck!

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  1. how nifty :) I am looking forward to getting more walking and other forms of exercise in once we get settled in our new home! good luck everyone :)

  2. I've been looking for a spinning bike lately. I'm trying to see if this could be a better alternative.


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