Making Doggie Day Care a Positive Experience

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

 If you're among the many pet owners who think of their dog as a "fur-child", you will have some of the same questions and concerns as any parent does when contemplating day care settings. There are a number of things you can do to assure that spending time at doggie day care is a positive experience for you and your dog.


Socializing your dog should be high on your priority list when you bring home a new puppy. Attending training sessions with your puppy is one way to improve their behavior and socialization skills. Having a well-trained, appropriately socialized puppy will make it feasible for your dog to accompany you on a variety of adventures. It will also make it possible for your dog to enjoy fun experiences such as trips to the dog park or visits to doggie day care.

Adult dogs

Dogs get accustomed to your routine. If a change in your schedule or lifestyle occurs that results in your pet spending more time alone, you might want to consider doggie day care for it. Having an opportunity to interact with other dogs and people can take away some of the loneliness your pet feels when you're away. If interacting with other dogs and people is a new experience for your dog, you will need to determine if doggie day is something that they are comfortable with.

Choosing a day care

To be certain that doggie day care will be a positive experience for you and your dog, it's advisable to consult with professionals such as those at
doggie day care michigan
to get a full understanding of what doggie day care involves. Having the opportunity to view your dog on a web cam could give you peace of mind. You'll also feel comfortable providing your dog with an opportunity to play while you work when you know that the playgroups are being continually supervised by trained staff members. You shouldn't hesitate to ask to see the indoor and outdoor day care area or to discuss any specific concerns you might have with the day care manager.

Regular visits to day care can be a good way for your dog to get some exercise regardless of the weather. Getting plenty of exercise can make your dog calmer and more well-behaved. That is a benefit for both of you.
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