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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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Oh come on, you know you've heard people use that term before. "Sick shoes yo!".   But when I say this bag is sick I mean it is really cool but it also is sort of sick... with e.coli.  Okay let me explain... When Silvie Altschuler designed Sick Bags,  a line of handbags she wanted to create a sturdy and sophisticated carryall but also one that had a good cause behind it.  So she had illustrator Peter Clark translate the symptoms of 3 childhood illnesses (streptoccocus, E. Coli, and coxsackie) into lighthearted doodles.  This was all done in an effort to raise awareness to childhood illnesses.  The fabric lining of each bag features the specific illness and a portion of each sale is donated to leading children's hospitals taht are committed to preventing and finding cures for pediatric ailments.  The funds stay local too so if you buy a bag in New York, it goes to a New York hospital. 

So for this collection the bag I am going to feature is the Black bag with E. Coli lining. This bag is amazing.   It holds so much and is so lightweigh on it's own which is huge for me. Normally I lug around a bag that even by itself ways several pounds. Add in all my daily items and it seriously hurts to carry it.  I love the interior pouch that has a snap closure and is attached to one of the handles.  It's so easy to reach in and grab it.  The best part is the inside of this bag can be wiped clean with a damp cloth so no need to worry about dirt, stains, and spills.    Oh and it's made of Vegan leather!

Now about E. Coli.... E. Coli can cause upset stomachs, cramps, and vomiting for several days and can be caught from undercooked meat, raw produce, or unpasteurized dairy products.  Worst case scenario from this bacteria - you can get some seirous kidney and blood issues.  On a positive note - washing your hands and safe food prep can help stop E. Coli.  

So why am I soooo excited about these bags?   It's so easy to make a fashion statement and send an educational message to people.  All it takes is for someone to notice the interesting design and ask me why I have toilet paper on the lining of my bag. Then I explain what it stands for and where the proceeds go and I just educated people about an illness and bacteria AND I also got to brag about how functional the bag is.

I love fashion that makes a beneficial statement to the world.  And one of you guys can win a bag of your choice from Sick Bags!

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