My Amazing Ideas to Help You Look Gorgeous While You're Working Out

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Let’s be honest ladies, no matter how fabulous we always look it’s difficult to stay sexy in the gym. There’s lots of sweating and panting going on, and not the good kind! None of us really likes the way we look mid-workout, but that’s not why we go to the gym. The goal is to get fit and healthy. But, there are a few things you can do to help keep yourself looking great while you workout.

Wear the Right Clothes
The first thing you need to make sure you get right is the gym clothes you choose. Now, it might be tempting to pick all black outfits. But, really, I would recommend choosing a bit of color. Going for light greens or pinks always looks good on women. It’s also vital that you choose clothes you feel will flatter you. This means dressing to suit your figure and accentuate your assets. And you need to take steps to make sure these clothes last by using sports detergent when you wash them. Try to get a sports bra that’s also a push-up. The better you feel, the more confident you will come across, and there’s nothing sexier than confidence.

Deal With That Sweat
Okay, no one looks good covered in sweat. But, sweating is part and parcel of the whole working out experience. You exercise, you sweat, and there’s nothing you can do about it, right? Wrong! There’s actually quite a bit you can do to keep that pesky sweat at bay. The first thing I’d suggest would be to wear sweat bands. You could always go for something trendy like striped wristbands. Use these to wipe the sweat away with ease when it starts to form. You also need think about using an antiperspirant pre-workout as well.

Consider a Bit of Makeup
Most women would think it’s better to go to the gym sans makeup. But a lot of us need that extra confidence boost. And there is makeup you can use that would be fine for the gym. You just need to make sure you only apply a bit of it. Some light, natural foundation is often the best way to go. This way you still know you’re going to look good even when you’re doing vigorous exercise. Waterproof eyeliner will also do a fantastic job because it won’t run if you get hot and sweaty.

Get Your Hair Out of Your Face!
Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than your frizzy, messy hair sticking to your hot, sweaty face. It’s annoying, uncomfortable, and doesn’t come across as remotely sexy. But when you’re in full flow you can’t keep stopping to keep your hair out of your face. So the best thing to do is to nip this in the bud straight away. You need to make sure you tie your hair back. Keep it up and out of your face. This way you stay looking good, and your hair is in a position more functional for working out. I always make sure I carry a few hair ties with me in amongst my gym stuff.

So there you have it, my fantastic suggestions to help you stay sexy while you exercise. Self-confidence is important, and we all need to keep fit. So, by using these ideas, you can keep fit and look good at the same time.  

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