5 Cold & Flu Season Hacks

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tis the season for germs and illness and even though winter may end in another few weeks (hopefully!) that just means you're out and about even more exposing yourself to germs.  Now I don't mean to brag but I haven't been sick for years.   I take advice given to me by medical professionals very seriously when it comes to staying healthy and although my allergies flare up from time to time I haven't had an actual knock-me-down illness for I don't know how many years!

So today I wanted to give you some hacks that I use and that I've collected over the years for avoiding coming down with the nasty flu or cold viruses out there.  Of course some things you just can't avoid but you can at least try your best to safeguard yourself and your home.  I don't want to make you afraid because we actually need germs so our body can become stronger against them.  So I would not classify myself as a germaphobe but rather a smart person.  When I'm at work I take a ton of precautions because I know other people aren't so mindful and I know that it's like a giant petri dish in my building.

1 || Wash Your Hands

Seriously, it sounds so lame because everyone always says that and there's signed everywhere reminding you to do so but trust me there's a reason for that.  Wash them and if you can't wash them in a sink then get out that hand sanitizer.  I wash my hands before I eat every meal and before I put my contacts in.  Your eyes are a gateway to your immune system and germs just love to slide in there.  On that same note, make sure to keep your home clean and sanitized.  Wash the counters regularly especially the kitchen and bathroom and make sure to spray down doorknobs every week.

2 || Don't Touch

On that same note, don't put your fingers in your mouth or your eyes or at least not without washing your hands first.  This is especially important if you work in an office or your out in a public place for the day.  And if you have children, uhhhhh this is vital. Also, don't touch door handles or other public surfaces.  I seriously use my pinky to open door handles because I never put my pinky in my eyes or mouth. 

3 || Get Adequate Sleep

While you sleep your body does amazing things like fight off germs and heal injuries and recharge your "batteries" so you need to make sure you are getting a decent amount of sleep so that you wake up feeling well rested and you can get through the day with the right amount of energy.  If you have no energy then your body doesn't have energy to fight off germs you come in contact with on a daily basis.  I make sleep a priority.  I have a DVR so that I don't have an excuse to stay up late to watch something on TV.  I also make sure my entire night is planned out so that I have time before bed to wind down.  When I was in my early 20's I totally neglected my sleep and I was always getting sick.

4 || Stop Being Always On The Go

There are some people that just CAN'T say no to plans.  They end up being on the go so much that they're worn down on a weekly basis and when you get worn down, that's when you're susceptible to germs and illness.  I make sure to always have down time no matter what.  It's a priority because it's for my health.  Also, when you're constantly going places and doing things you're being exposed to more germs.  And when you're already feeling run down and like you may be coming down with something, that's your cue to say no and just take a day or two to rest.  Another thing I always do is prioritizing down time even after a vacation.  Some people go right back to work after they arrive back into town.  I always take an extra day to do my household duties and re-group before jumping back into my normal routine.  That's also how I stay so stress-free and remember that being stressed is hard on your body and can weaken your body's ability to fight off illness. 

Being in a constant state of stress is very hard on your body and your immune system so trust me when I say that taking even just an hour or two of your time to relax and calm down will be beneficial in the long run.

5 || Probiotics

If I could offer you one basic piece of life advice it would be to take daily probiotics.  I know you can eat certain foods that have them in it but the sure fire way to get a nice dose of the bacteria your body needs is to take a simple little pill every day.  I've been taking probiotics for years and I can't tell you how much of a difference it's made.  Obviously as I said earlier, I haven't been sick but also my body seems more regular with things.  Probiotics give your gut the good bacteria it needs to keep you going strong.  And your gut health impacts the rest of your health even how your brain works.  I think more clearly, I can be more active, and I feel overall much stronger and I really do think it's mainly from taking probiotics. 

Hopefully these hacks help you like they have helped me.  Do you have any other tips for staying healthy during cold and flu season?

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  1. These are thing I do all the time. I don't get sick that often myself.



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