Amazing Advice Beginner Drivers Need to Know

Monday, February 26, 2018

Learning to drive is a huge learning curve for everyone, and it takes everyone different lengths of time to learn how to drive. If you are learning how to drive, or you are nervous about getting behind the wheel, some of this advice will be great for you. Or perhaps you just to know some helpful ways of learning if you have already started your lessons. Whatever stage of learning how to drive you are at, there is something here for everyone. Knowing how to learn, and what to do before you even start your lessons can be helpful for many people. Knowing some helpful tips can help you progress from one stage to the next an ultimately get you on the road and in your own car that but quicker. If this sounds like the kind of advice you need to know as a beginner driver then sit back, relax, put on your seatbelt and be prepared to find out some amazing advice for beginner drivers.

Learn as Much as You Can Before Your First Lesson

Taking driving lessons is the main way people learn how to drive, this is something that everyone knows and people rarely even take their test without having a few under their belt. However, learning as much as you can before you get behind the wheel is something that not everyone does. Before you have your first driving lesson you can learn about things like what each pedal does, some basic rules of the road and what you need to do to make the car move forward. By learning some of this basic information before your first lesson you are making the most of your time with the instructor. You can easily learn about these things online so get your laptop out and start googling some things when you have some spare time. There are plenty of blogs about this, or you could ask a family member lots of questions too. This not only means you are making the most of your time with the instructor but that you are making the most of your money as well. Driving lessons soon add up, but if you already know a few things before you even start, you will progress much more quickly than if you didn’t.


Don’t Start Learning Then Stop

Something that can hinder many beginner drivers is learning how to drive and is having lessons, then stopping for a while, then starting them up again. If you have been driving for many years then stopping driving for a while probably won’t make much of a difference to your driving, although you might be a bit rusty when you start again. For beginners, it can be very detrimental. If you start learning then stop again it is very likely you will have to start learning all over again when you take it up again. If you are a beginner driver it is a good idea to try and avoid this happening to you.

There are lots of ways to prevent this happening. Some people decide to save up before they even start learning how to drive. This way you can carry on having lessons and won’t need to stop because your funds for driving lessons has run out. If you have a steady income then this might be less of an issue for you. Some people find it easier to buy lessons in bulk so they have a plan set up for the next few weeks or months. However you do it, make sure you don’t have to start then stop learning so you can become a great driver as soon as possible.

Have a Car to Drive When You Pass

Some people already have a car lined up for when they pass but if this isn’t you, it might be a good idea to think about your options. Getting your first car can be quite costly, especially when you have just spent lots of money on lessons and passing your test. You could always see if someone in your family want to update their current car and give you their old one or see if there are any affordable options available in your area. If this interests you might want to learn more about learn more about Audi's extended factory warranty. You could always get insured on the family car or your partner’s car. Getting insurance for a short period of time might be worth it, depending on when you need to drive and use the car. There are a few options open to you if you are going to pass your test soon but you don’t want to invest in a brand new car. If you are a beginner driver it is probably worth researching what kind of car you want to get, and what payment plan would work for you.


Learn Outside of Lessons

It is also very beneficial to drive outside of your lessons too. This means driving the car of an experienced driver while they sit in the passenger seat. This is a fantastic way to solidify your skills, get in some practice and build your confidence when it comes to driving. It can also help you get used to driving in different situations, with different people and driving different kinds of cars. Getting in as much practice as you can is the best way to pass your driving test. Things like going to the shops, or dropping off friends at their houses, are all great ways you can practise driving. Doing it as much as you can maximizes your chances of passing with flying colors.

If you are beginner driver, following some of this great advice could help you to learn and pass your test even quicker than you thought you could. It is a smart idea to learn as much as you can before your first lesson, and practise as much as you can before you have your test. Following this kind of advice will maximize your chances of learning, and will mean you can pass your test and become an amazing driver as quickly as possible. photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png


  1. We follow the RSA official driving test syllabus to help you get on your way to having a full car driving licence. Your intensive driving lessons count towards your mandatory 12 EDT driving lessons.

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