Workout Clothing Tips For Women

Thursday, February 22, 2018


We all have the aim in life to be healthy, and that does mean exercise. You might have a home gym, a gym gym, or just attend gym classes - any option is a great one. And all of them can be improved with some useful gym hacks. Wearing the right gear for your chosen exercise is a huge deal; you wouldn't go cycling without a helmet, so why go to the gym without the right protection?

Sports bra

A sports bra is an absurd must. You might be a smaller cup size and able to get away with a simple crop, but for any larger busted ladies out there - you need a good fitting sports bra. Big brands like Nike and Adidas pride themselves on their sportswear, and it's always going to be an investment worth making. Letting your gals be free can improve skin elasticity which increases perkiness, however, in a workout situation letting them move around freely can cause you pain and to even pull a muscle. But don't worry, introduce chest exercises with resistance machines and you can build up your pecs which will also increase your perkiness.


While on the subject of your gals - exercise can mean friction. And although your nipples are safely encased in a bra, they can get friction burn and even bleed. It's an issue that occurs more to long distance runners, and effects men just as much as women. Apply Vaseline or another petroleum jelly (there are plenty out there designed for breast feeding) to the areola and enjoy a friction free workout.


Your feet take most of any cardio impact, and your shoes are such an important part of your clothing. You need different types for different activities - but the impact is still there. You can help lessen any damage with some added padding by using insoles. Brands like BioPods work to support the key areas of the foot, and reduce stress on the ankle. If you have flat feet or high arches, using insoles is even more important as the arch of your foot doesn't compress, which is your body’s natural suspension and way of absorbing impact.

Dry shampoo

Hate having sweat drip into your eyes all the time? Or don't have time to wash your hair after your workout? Dry shampoo, as ever, is your answer. The main component of dry shampoo is the same as talc - and is designed to absorb moisture, normally this means grease, but it also works against sweat. It won't solve all your problems, so you might want to wear a sweatband around your hairline, but for light workouts, and for post workouts, dry shampoo is your best friend.

Weight gloves

Lifting weights is a huge help when you're trying to lose weight or tone up, but it can cause calluses to grow on the palms of your hands. You can easily avoid this by wearing weight gloves while you work out, and using a hand moisturizer afterwards.

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