How To Avoid Those Common Aches And Pains

Monday, February 19, 2018

Image source: Woman suffering from a headache

In our day to day lives we will experience all kinds of aches and pains, and while sometimes they can be a symptom of something more serious - a lot of the time they are just randomly brought on because of your surroundings. This may be the weather, the temperature, your sleeping pattern, or even stress. Because of this though, it leaves it down to us to avoid having these pesky problems.

So here are all the most commons issues, and what we can do to avoid them.


A backache can be caused by a whole number of things. It may be from the way you slept, or picking something up the wrong way, so the sooner you identify what the issue may be, the easier it will be to treat it. If you are very concerned, you should make an appointment with your doctor straight away, but in most cases, you have probably just pulled a muscle. You can try icing the area, or the opposite and heat it up. A warm bath may soothe the pain as it will relax all of your muscles, so any tension that is being held there should disappear. You can also try stretching, but you don't want to risk making it any worse than it is, so be very careful when doing this, and don't push it if it doesn't feel right.


Headaches are awful, and can range from a little niggle, to a full-blown migraine. While taking painkillers can help at times, it really depends on the kind of a headache you're having. You should make sure that you are staying hydrated throughout the day, and make sure you've remembered to eat something too. Headaches are not the same as migraines though. While the head is affected, the pain is drastically increased, as well as your vision, and you can also feel very nauseous as well. There is no cure for migraine sufferers, only preventions. Telemedicine for migraines is a great way of stopping the triggers before they lead to an episode.

Tummy ache

In women, tummy aches can happen for all sorts of reasons that often stem from it being that time of the month. But you may also be suffering if you've eaten too much, haven't eaten enough, or are struggling with going to the bathroom. While there are many different types of medication to cover all of these areas, sometimes it's as simple as having a water bottle to soothe the pain away. Ginger is also a natural ingredient that does wonders for the stomach. You can buy it in root form and then boil it in water to make a natural tea. You can then add honey and whatever else you like to alter the taste.

So the next time you find yourself suffering and you know it isn't anything too serious, experiment with the things you have at home to make your own go-to remedies that will make you feel better. photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png

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