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Friday, February 9, 2018

I figured this would be a Friday feel-good post for you guys since there's an awesome holiday coming up next week.  February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day so I wanted to make a special point of giving you inspiration on how you can commit random acts of kindness in your area.    You can think big or think small.  Maybe you can do something at your workplace, in your neighborhood, at your local store, or even while on the road traveling. 

Random acts of kindness serve so many purposes. For the recipient they can obviously bring immense joy in the moment but they also provide inspiration.  When someone puts you in a good mood, you're more likely to put someone else in a good mood.  The best gift with a random act of kindness is that it keeps on giving and it motivates others to do something similar.   When the recipient tells others what happened, they may be motivated to do something nice to a stranger.  And when the person who did the random act of kindness tells others, it can motivate them to do the same.  At the end of the day, there's so much scary crap going on around the world that there's really not a good excuse to NOT do a random act of kindness.

You don't have to spend any money or put in any real effort necessarily.  It can be as simple as a heartfelt compliment to a stranger that sparks a few sentences of conversation and leaves them feeling good for the rest of the day.  You can even get crafty and creative.  One day, I was walking in a nearby park by my work with my co-worker for our 15 minute break.  I happened upon a little crafted paper chain that had nice things written on each chain.  We were in a hurry so I didn't stop and look up what it was even though it had a website on it, but I was so excited when I read the things it said and just knowing that someone else would see it made me smile. 

So here are some ways to commit random acts of kindness as well as some free printables!

/// Pay the toll for the person in the car behind you.
\\\ Compliment a stranger by making a genuine comment about their hair or outfit. "That is a beautiful jacket and it looks really good with the color of your hair."
/// Leave $5 sticking out from under an item in a store for the next person to find. Use a note from the free printable to explain.
\\\ Purchase $5 gift cards to various places and leave them in neighbor's mailboxes and leave a note from the free printable below to explain.
/// Pay for the person's food behind you in line at a fast food chain. 
\\\ Give a 50% tip to a waiter/waitress or food delivery person.
/// Leave a kind note from the free printable in someone's windshield wiper or inside of a random library book.
\\\  Give up your seat on the bus or in a waiting room when there's not enough room for everyone to sit.
/// Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers and give it to someone completely random. 
\\\ Paint a smooth stone and leave it in a park, or on a curb where someone will surely see it.  Use pretty colors or paint kind words on the stone.
/// After you check out at the grocery store, stay behind and bag the next person's groceries, explaining that you wanted to do a random act of kindness and you are willing to load them into the person's trunk as well. You'll make the customer AND the cashier smile!

Enjoy and please pass it on! If you do a random act of kindness PLEASE leave a comment below!

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