Stunning Spring Looks For Your Home

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

There are glimpses of buds in the flowerbeds, and the birds are singing their dawn chorus again. After weeks of chilly climes and gray skies, spring is finally on the horizon. As warmer temperatures and sunny skies approach, you may be thinking about updating your wardrobe, but have you considered a seasonal home makeover? The transition from winter to spring is all about breathing new life into your interiors and creating a clean, fresh vibe. If you’re looking for inspiration for your home, here are some stunning spring trends to try out.


There’s no color fresher and more vibrant than green. This year, the spring/summer lookbooks are full of flashes of verdant hues, and you can choose a shade to suit the tone and style of the room. Go for zesty lime accents to lift a white kitchen or meadow or bottle green for a sophisticated living room. You can add color by painting the walls, but you don’t need to don your overalls if you want a more subtle look. If you’ve got white or gray walls, for example, you can add splashes of green using plants, soft furnishings like cushion covers and rugs, and decorative accessories such as frames and vases. Green works well in almost any room, but it’s ideal for garden rooms, conservatories and kitchens that overlook the yard, especially if you’re channelling the natural trend and creating spaces that combine outdoor and indoor living.

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Sorbet shades

Pastels are always popular when the spring months arrive, and in 2018, sorbet shades are stealing the show. These pretty, delicate tones are ideal for romantic boudoirs, retro kitchens and contemporary living rooms. The wonderful thing about pastels is that you can mix and match them to embrace completely different looks. In the kitchen, you can use a range of different shades and quirky accessories to celebrate a vintage vibe while in a chic living room, you can stick to a single tone such as blush pink, lilac or lemon to produce a classic, stylish look. Look out for accessories in sorbet shades from stores like Deconovo or be a little bolder and create one or two statement walls. If you’re keeping the walls subtle, you can add color with framed prints and wall hangings. Alternatively, look for an eye-catching piece of furniture that will set the room alight, such as a delicate pink winged chair.

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Geometric prints

If you’re looking to add some on-trend prints to your home this spring, look no further than geometrics. Think crisp lines and cool, angular patterns. This trend was big in 2017, but most adopted a measured approach with the odd cushion cover or rug. This year, designers are going bigger and better with printed wallpaper and vinyl sheets that are designed to mimic tiles. This is an audacious look, but it works brilliantly in bathrooms, contemporary bedrooms and home offices. If you are going for a bedroom makeover, stick to a single wall or geometric accessories, as you don’t want the space to look too busy. Geometrics can also work well with minimalist, Scandinavian vibes. If this kind of laid-back look appeals to you, use geometric prints in monochrome to match white walls, dark furniture and wooden flooring.

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Natural beauty

If you’re a green-fingered guru, spring is your time of year to shine. This year, the natural look is in, and the more greenery and foliage you can inject into your home, the better. Houseplants don’t only create a fresh, clean vibe and enhance the aesthetic of your home, they’re also proven to boost your mental wellbeing. Studies show that having plants scattered around the house can make you more productive and optimistic and less stressed. There are so many ways you can display plants, and you can work them into any trend. From rustic wooden crates and metal buckets to rose gold and sleek glass vases, you can channel vintage, retro, romantic and modern looks.

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Ombre shades

If you can’t decide on one color or a single shade, this is the look for you. Ombre is a graduated color fade, which enables you to combine shades or use different tones of a single color. Grays, blues and browns work well, and this is an excellent choice for living rooms and bedrooms. Once you’ve selected your wall color, you can shop for complementary accessories. Opt for matching lamps, rugs and throws in the bedroom and curtains, cushion covers and coasters in the living room.

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Quirky furniture

If you’re keen to make your home unique, you’ll be glad to hear that quirky furniture is all the rage this spring. Look out for items, such as chairs, sofas and tables that have interesting shapes and keep your eyes peeled for a conversation starter. Browse online, trawl vintage stores and take a look around yard sales and restoration yards in search of pieces that will get people talking. If you’re creative and you have DIY and artistic skills, you could try your hand at upcycling. This involves taking something old and turning it into new furniture, which serves a purpose and looks fabulous. With this trend, the world is your oyster. You can transform battered chairs, turn wooden pallets into a coffee table or even create a castle out of an old wardrobe for the kids.

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Are you hoping to inject a touch of seasonal style into your home? With spring just around the corner, it’s time to lighten up and try out some new trends. Mix and match different looks to suit the style of your home and showcase your personality, and focus on light, space and color. Embrace the natural vibe, experiment with different colors and tones, have fun with prints and don’t be afraid to get creative. If you’re planning a revamp, have a look at interior blogs and magazines, cut out some images and grab some screenshots and start putting a mood board together. This will help you take elements of looks you love to create the perfect design for your home.

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