Look After Your Parents Health When They No Longer Can

Thursday, February 22, 2018


There may come a time in your life where your parents fall ill, whether that be from a disease like alzheimer's or dementia, or they are no longer able to do things physically because of an accident they may have had. Whatever it may be, you may find yourself in a situation where they can no longer look after themselves, so you're in a position where you have to do it for them instead and become their carer so that you are able to ensure that they are properly looked after. This might mean cooking for them, feeding them, washing them, cleaning the place, and reminding them to take their medication.

This isn't an easy thing though, not only is it demanding, but it can really mess with your emotions. This is because the person that once looked after you when you were young and vulnerable, is now requiring your care. Unfortunately, that is just one of the processes that happen with time and getting older.

So if you find that you are in this scenario with your own parents, whether it be your Mom or Dad, (or both), it is important that you figure out what you're going to do.

There are a few options that you have, so take a look.

Nursing home

A lot of people are put off on the idea of sending their parents to a nursing home as they feel that it's just dumping them into a prison - but this isn't correct. Nursing homes are wonderful places that you can send your loved ones to so you know that they are getting around the clock care that they require, while living in a stunning environment that gives them their own space, and still allows them to hold onto that important pride and responsibility that means so much. There have been stories where people are treated badly, in which case they contact a local lawyer so that all the appropriate actions can be made. But this isn't an often occurrence, and it's down to an individual, rather than an organisation, so this should never worry you. You just need to do the right research before deciding on a place.

Live in carer

There are many agencies that supply highly trained staff who have all the appropriate qualifications to look after someone with various health problems, whether that be their physical or mental health. Essentially they are carers who come into the home and live there so that they are able to provide the assistance they need no matter what time of the day. This tends to be a great option if your parent is very adamant about staying at their own home, rather than having to move. It gives them the chance to keep their environment and comfort, without having to worry about any responsibilities like cleaning and cooking, as they may find those things very hard now they're older - if not impossible. It takes a lot of trust from both you and your parents to allow a stranger into the home, so make sure that they get on with each other and have a connection before you decided on someone.


  1. This is a very important post. I think, besides the fact that they are human and are entitled to good health, caring for our parents is a way of saying thank you for all their past care, provision and moulding us into the adults we are now. I have never before thought of the care I will one day give to mine and I pray to still be a few years away from that yet.



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