5 Fun + Unique Valentine's Day Ideas

Monday, February 5, 2018

Ah, Valentine's Day aka February 14th aka the holiday that comes in the middle of weird Winter season where everyone's cooped up and bored.  There's less to do in most parts of the country and everyone's already going a little stir crazy.  So I wanted to put together a few ideas that are very fun and also very unique that you can do for Valentine's Day.  The best part is - if you are single - you can still do these, just bring a friend or family member with you!

Idea || Old School Dinner + A Movie
Estimated Cost || $100 or less [$75 for dinner | $25 for movie tickets]
Remember in high school when dinner and a movie was literally THE ideal date?  Why not bring that back and have a little fun.  Pick a movie and then pick a relatively close restaurant for dinner.  The best part is you can just go to a small cafĂ© or pizza shop for dinner OR you can go to a fancy place.  Whatever suits YOU best is what should be done.  And don't feel limited to doing them in that order.  Some people like to go see a movie first (save money with the early bird ticket times) and then have dinner afterwards.  Also, I totally won't judge you if you smuggle your own snacks in!

Idea || Dive Bar + A Diner
Estimated Cost || $50 or less [$25 for cheap drinks | $25 for diner food ]
For some reason dive bars take you to a totally different world.  It's almost like they have their own little atmosphere and there are usually the "regulars" at the bar every night.   Dive bars are fun because the music's never too loud and the crowd is usually more laid back so it's a perfect place to go and find a quiet spot for you and your date and enjoy some cheap drinks and good conversation.  Then after you've worked up an appetite (from drinking of course) head to a local diner to enjoy some cheap but filling eats. 

Idea || Game Night + Pizza
Estimated Cost || $50 or less depending on where you go
So the best part about this idea is it can be done in several ways depending on your budget and your preference.  There are trivia nights at lots of bars and restaurants so search around to see what places near you provide it.  Then stop by (before or after) a local pizza joint.   You can also do this idea on a larger scale by going to one of those escape room places (if you have one in your area) and then grab a pizza to go on your way home.  You'll surely work up an appetite in the escape room or so I've heard.  And finally if you and your Valentine like being cheap and chill, you can have a game night at home (video games, cards, board games, etc.) and either make your own pizza, make a frozen pizza, or have pizza delivered so you don't even have to leave the house!

Idea || Spa Day
Estimated Cost || $200 [Could be less if you check for specials and coupons!]
So I know this may be a "splurge" but sometimes this is exactly what you need.   Look around for your local spa or massage facilities and book a couple's massage and spa day.  There will surely be coupons on specials so check your local flyers, ads, and Facebook.   Most packages include snacks and drinks too! Sometimes the best excuse for a spa day is when you enjoy it with someone else!

Idea || Practical Dinner + Gift Exchange at Home
Estimated Cost || $100 or less
If you're one of those people that just likes to keep it simple than go right ahead but make sure you have some fun.  Get a simple gift (spend no more than $50) and wrap with Valentine's Day paper or tissue.  Gift exchanges are always fun right?  Then, decide on a meal that you both love and purchase the ingredients so you can get cooking!  It's best if both of you help out so it's easier on the both of you.  And if you really despise cooking you can get take out from your favorite restaurant.  Set the mood with beautiful plates, silverware, a tablecloth, and candles and enjoy the night. 

Whatever you decide to do and whomever you decide to do it with, just make sure you enjoy yourself. 

What was your favorite unique Valentine's Day date?  

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  1. Thanks for sharing these idea. I'm not share what I will be doing for v-day.



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